Flush with cash, bamboo-based toilet paper company Cloud Paper makes it rain

With toilet paper and kitchen rolls in its product portfolio for now, and a lot more coming down the pipe, Cloud Paper is a sustainable, bamboo-based alternative to toilet paper made from whatever toi

Tiger Global and Greycroft back Nigerian investment app Bamboo in $15M round

To buy a share in Amazon, you’d have to fork out almost $3,000. It’s a luxury very few can afford and despite the prospects of the trillion-dollar company or returns from its share price, it’ll

Nigeria’s SEC warns investment platforms to stop trading ‘unregistered’ foreign securities

In a circular released by Nigeria’s capital market regulator SEC today, investment platforms providing access to foreign securities might be treading on dangerous grounds. According to the SEC r

The toilet paper startup backed by Marc Benioff, Dara Khosrowshahi and Robert Downey Jr. now sells paper towels

Cloud Paper, the startup whose bamboo toilet paper (and celebrity and billionaire backers, including Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Marc Benioff, Dara Khosrowshahi and Mark Cuban) made a splash l

Investors cozy up to LA-based ettitude’s bamboo bedding and sleep wear with $1.6 million

Ettitude, the Los Angeles-based, direct-to-consumer startup making sustainable bedding and sleepwear from bamboo fibers, has raised a sustainably sized round that should keep the company going even in

Wacom’s New Stylus Series Offers A Digital Pen For Every Scribbler, Sketcher And Note-Taker

Wacom has a series of new stylus devices for tablets and smartphones that it’s launching today, including three new Bamboo devices and a new Intuos version, with two aimed specifically at the iP

Wacom Launches Bamboo Paper On Android, Windows 8 And Kindle Fire

Drawing tablet and digitizer hardware maker Wacom is expanding the availability of its homegrown note-taking app today, with a launch that brings the previously iPad-only app to devices powered by And

I, For One, Welcome Our iBam 2 Bamboo Speaker Overlords

With all the rumors about a new 9-pin connector on the iPhone, what could be better than a tube of bamboo that amplifies your iDevice or Android phone in a sustainable way? The iBam 2 is basically a t

Handmade Natural Bamboo Case/Cradle For The iPad

<img src="" /> The <a href="">iPad</a> is surely seeing no shortage of accessories. So far, we ha

Asus claims 100 percent recyclable laptops (that are made of bamboo)

<img src="" />What do you do with a laptop when you're done with it? That's an actual question being that the only laptop I owned bef

Mitsubishi fortifies car doors with bamboo

As the world’s first auto maker, Mitsubishi has announced it developed a technique that lets the company use bamboo fibers in automotive interiors for reinforcement. What may sound weird at first, h

Uh oh: Asus' bamboo laptop is only green skin deep

It was December of aught seven that we first heard about Asus’ admirable efforts to make a green (beige) bamboo laptop. Then there were more, and it was good. But it looks like somewhere along t

Asustek to launch bamboo products

Asustek computer has announced that in June it plans to ship a line of notebooks, which will feature casings made out of bamboo instead of the usually plastic or metal. The 11-inch S6 and the 12-inch

More geeko-friendly bamboo Asuses

Is it “Asuses,” or “Asi?” Anyway, Asus has made a big deal about being eco-friendly, and while the bamboo thing is nice, I don’t think it’s really going to make a s

Asus going green – or beige, whatever color bamboo is

Asus is, I think, a good company – last week they revealed that they don’t care if you crack open their products, and now they’re revealing a new line of laptops in line with a more