• Wacom’s New Stylus Series Offers A Digital Pen For Every Scribbler, Sketcher And Note-Taker

    Wacom’s New Stylus Series Offers A Digital Pen For Every Scribbler, Sketcher And Note-Taker

    Wacom has a series of new stylus devices for tablets and smartphones that it’s launching today, including three new Bamboo devices and a new Intuos version, with two aimed specifically at the iPad with special Bluetooth-powered pressure sensitivity abilities. Two entry-level Bamboo styluses offer a better nib, with one adding an ink pen on the opposite end, and the Bamboo Stylus fineline… Read More

  • I, For One, Welcome Our iBam 2 Bamboo Speaker Overlords

    I, For One, Welcome Our iBam 2 Bamboo Speaker Overlords

    With all the rumors about a new 9-pin connector on the iPhone, what could be better than a tube of bamboo that amplifies your iDevice or Android phone in a sustainable way? The iBam 2 is basically a tube of bamboo that channels sound out and away from the phone, thereby creating a superior, bamboo-infused experience. Read More

  • Handmade Natural Bamboo Case/Cradle For The iPad

    The iPad is surely seeing no shortage of accessories. So far, we have seen weird, expensive, and potentially useful ones. But what about a “handmade natural bamboo case/cradle” that’s tailor-made for the device? Read More

  • Asus claims 100 percent recyclable laptops (that are made of bamboo)

    What do you do with a laptop when you’re done with it? That’s an actual question being that the only laptop I owned before my current old man MacBook is sitting in the closet, broken beyond repair. Now, if I had one of these new Asus laptops, I could, somehow, recycle them. Helping the Earth, one laptop at a time. Read More

  • Mitsubishi fortifies car doors with bamboo

    As the world’s first auto maker, Mitsubishi has announced it developed a technique that lets the company use bamboo fibers in automotive interiors for reinforcement. What may sound weird at first, has a serious background. Mitsubishi wants to reduce CO2 emissions by using plant-based materials in its cars. The company is cutting bamboos into strips, removing the joints and finally… Read More

  • Uh oh: Asus' bamboo laptop is only green skin deep

    It was December of aught seven that we first heard about Asus’ admirable efforts to make a green (beige) bamboo laptop. Then there were more, and it was good. But it looks like somewhere along the line, the designers and engineers decided that the high-efficiency insides, cardboard lining, recycled plastic, and paintless finish had to go, leaving just the bamboo shell as a testimony… Read More

  • Asustek to launch bamboo products

    Asustek computer has announced that in June it plans to ship a line of notebooks, which will feature casings made out of bamboo instead of the usually plastic or metal. The 11-inch S6 and the 12-inch (these are small notebooks, eh?), are part of an effort to promote the use of environmentally friendly materials. The notebooks will ship in June of this year for around $1651.80, they will… Read More

  • More geeko-friendly bamboo Asuses

    Is it “Asuses,” or “Asi?” Anyway, Asus has made a big deal about being eco-friendly, and while the bamboo thing is nice, I don’t think it’s really going to make a serious impact, considering 95% of the laptop is not bamboo. It is a nice gesture, though, and it’s certainly a unique look. You’ll be able to pay too much for these very soon, I… Read More

  • Asus going green – or beige, whatever color bamboo is

    Asus is, I think, a good company – last week they revealed that they don’t care if you crack open their products, and now they’re revealing a new line of laptops in line with a more eco-friendly philosophy. They’re replacing the bulk of the case with bamboo instead of using PVC or other difficult-to-dispose-of materials. Other companies, like Dell and Apple, have pledged… Read More