• Mini Exit: BallHype and ShowHype Acquired for $3 Million

    The husband and wife behind BallHype and ShowHype, two Digg clones that focus on baseball and entertainment news, have earned a modest pay day: $3 million from media group Future US. That’s not bad given the two never raised institutional funding since launching the first site (BallHype) in April 2007. Users of BallHype and ShowHype (which launched in October 2007) vote up their… Read More

  • Introducing Digg-Like Voting To Celebrity Gossip Aficionados

    While Digg seems hard pressed to break out of its geek-infested niche, other sites are using Digg-like voting mechanisms to attack a much larger and much less tech savvy crowd: celebrity gossip aficionados. This evening the newest, Showhype, launches, joining a number of existing sites. More on each below: Lipstick: A Conde Naste site powered by Reddit, which Conde Naste acquired in late… Read More

  • BallHype Launches – Sports Fanatics Will Love This

    BallHype, a new sports news and social networking site, came out of closed beta tonight and launched. The site has a lot of Digg-like features. Users can add sports stories and other users vote those stories up or down, and add comments. Unlike Digg, though, categorization is very important. Sports fans generally care about local teams, or focus on one league. So BallHype allows L.A. Lakers… Read More