Laptops and Diapers: Two essentials in one bag

<img src="">Sure you’ve got a new baby on the way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear horn-rimmed glasses and tote your Mac

Case Logic announces new line of bags? How out of character!

<img src="" />Case Logic announced recently at PMA that they are expanding on their already extensive lineup of bags. Of course, this

The new camera bags from M-ROCK might actually rock

M-ROCK is updating its camera bag lineup with pro level bags and a Batman Utility Belt-like modular system.

OGIO ‘Bus’ rolling bag with detaching carry-on

<img src="">The OGIO Bus looks like a nice rolling gear bag. At $299, it’s way, way, way too expensive for a man of my stature (fru

Hard case and laptop stand combo looks practical

I believe our own Greg described his laptop as a “ball-burner” recently, and I don’t think there is a more concise way to put the fact that modern portable computers get hot as the d

Review: Two Acme Made shoulder bags

The holidays are approaching, and although gadgets, cameras and the like will be flowing like wine, one sector shoppers tend to neglect is how to carry said gadgets. After all, you upsize your laptop

Astro Gaming drops some console gamer-orientated bags

“Mobile Gaming” is a term that is frequently misunderstood. It’s not just about pocketable systems like the DS and Wonderswan — it’s a frame of mind. Are you the kind of

Tread: bags and cases made from recycled tires

Tire rubber certainly is a “supermaterial.” Although I feel it’s more suited to resisting wear and providing grip to F1 cars, it’s also tough, waterproof, and flexible when cor

Sweet camera case looks like a bowling ball bag

I can tell you right now, if Seattle hears of this, it’s the only bag anyone will ever have. What with DSLRs on the uptick and irony being what it is here, I have a feeling that the Cha Cha Loun

What exactly is a TSA-friendly laptop bag?

I don’t have too much of a problem sliding my laptop out of my bag whenever I travel, but to be honest every second that’s taken out of that whole security situation is one more second I c

Review: Naneu K4L

Naneu makes high quality camera bags that double as backpacks. We reviewed the K3 last year and found one minor problem but the K4L has addressed the issue and I believe it’s one of the best cam

New Lowepro bags baggin' it up this month

Lowepro has a metric bushel (you heard me) of bags coming out, new and “new to you.” As always, they look perfectly decent and you know they’re going to be solid. Hit the link below

I don't get it: Ziplocking laptop bag for the shower

I’m all about being productive, but the shower is not a place for browsing for porn. Or maybe I’m just old fashioned. This ziplock laptop bag allows you to do just that, or at least it&#82

AT&T delivers plastic bag via 2-day DHL

A lot of people are harshing on AT&T lately for service issues but don’t let it be said that they can’t send a plastic bag on time and under budget. TUAW’s Brett ordered a 16GB i

Lowepro releases new camera bags for your carrying pleasure

I could have used one of these when I was traveling, although at the time I owned only one lens and no flash, so I suppose my laptop bag was just as good. The Inverse AW beltpack, left, and the Nova A

Sushi's new bag line: This jam's for the ladies

It’s great to see nice-looking laptop bags for the ladies. This is from the same place as the blinged-out MacBook Air.

Rickshaw Bags shipping in May

[photopress:rickshaw.png,full,pp_image] Recently launched at TED 2k8 is SF-based Rickshaw bagworks and I’ve just received word that they’ll be shipping bags out in May. I can’t vouch

Another show, another set of Golla bags

We see Golla at almost every show and they keep showing off nicely designed cases and bags for laptops and mobile gear. Now they have a new line of backpacks and some sleeves for different sized lapto

Two new bags from Crumpler

Crumpler bags are often better known for their fun Aussie looks; confoundingly silly names; and playfully obtuse catalogue descriptions; than they are for their pure functionality to photographers. Wh

CrunchDeals: Timbuk2 'Commute' bag for $40 at REI

Hey-o. Looking for a new computer bag? This Timbuk2 number is $60 off. It’s available in black or “moss” from REI for $39.83, down from $100. These are popular bags so I’d not
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