• Wow, a solar-charging backpack that actually looks cool

    Are you a huge nerd? No? Sorry, I guess that solar backpack you’re wearing kind of threw me off. Looks like Playskool meets Transmetropolitan. Not exactly a babe magnet. I’m going to let you in on a secret, big guy: check out these Soular Power bags from Neon Green. If you absolutely must wear a solar panel backpack, it might as well be the coolest one out there, right? That’s… Read More

  • Review: Booq Mamba Shift L laptop backpack

    Short version: An excellent backpack for bloggers or the Batman. It has a ton of pockets and compartments, lots of space, a padded laptop section, and a water-resistant exterior. Its main flaws: no good spot for a big camera, and no readily accessible outside pockets. Read More

  • Review: Chrome Buran weather-proof laptop messenger bag

    Short Version: A rugged, reliable, and attractive bag — but its layout may not be suited to those who like to pack in lots of stuff. Read More

  • Bag Week: The Vega & Corsair from Chrome Bags

    I put up a hand-on of these two bags a few months ago, but I have to repost it. Not only in the spirit of Bag Week, mainly because I’ve found after using both bags over the last few months, my initial conclusion was dead on: These bags are rad. Read More

  • Bag Week: Sumo Messenger Bag

    Short Version: Sumo is fairly new to the bag game but this is a strong showing for the company. For $79.99 you get a 17-inch laptop bag made of waterproof ballistic, rip-stop nylon. Sadly, a lack of internal organization pockets hampers the overall storage capacity. Read More

  • Booq announces Mamba shift backpack

    Booq (remember Booq?) just announced the latest addition to their product line, the Booq Mamba shift. The Mamba shift is a sleek backpack style bag, made from nylon and designed to fit anything from a 13-15 inch laptop system. Booq’s bags feature a 5-year warranty, and the Terralinq badge with serial number, allowing you to register the bag with Booq in case you ever lose it. Read More

  • Bag Week: Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home

    Finding a good multipurpose bag can be difficult. The Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home is a good example of a shoulder style camera bag with optional laptop storage. It works best as a camera bag; the laptop storage sleeve is added as an afterthought for a photographer that needs to download pictures in the field. Read More

  • Bag Week: Booq Boa Squeeze

    Short version: Like lots of pockets in a laptop backpack? I count 27 on the Booq Boa Squeeze and wouldn’t be surprised if there are some hiding. Read More

  • Welcome to Bag Week!

    Hello and welcome to CrunchGear’s Bag Week, a week all about bags. Why bags, you ask? Because bags, whether we like it or not, are our first line of defense against the vagaries of a harsh world. We can protect our laptops in our curled and quivering arms or we can slide them into a nice Sumo or Booq and find ourselves secure in the knowledge that everything, for a little while, is going… Read More

  • At long last, an iPhone quiver

    Nothing says “please rob me blind” like riding a foot-powered scooter and housing your iPhone in a dedicated quiver-like sash that exposes the top-most part of the device, logo and all. Read More

  • Mouse pad enthusiasts, this is your bag

    Hey guys. Hanging out on a pile of rocks with your laptop bags, huh? Can I join you? No? Why, because I don’t have my own laptop bag? Ah, I see. Laptop Bag Owners Club members only, eh? Tough but fair. If I buy one of those bags can I join you? No? Ah, I see. The Laptop Bag Owners Club is also known as the No Dougs Club, too. Gotcha. What if I change my first na—just no? No, in… Read More

  • Grabit Pack: A gadget holster for manly men

    Aw yeah. Manly men, take notice. Here’s the Grabit Pack, created by a Hollywood stuntman. It punches all fanny packs and man purses in their non-manly testes. It’s worn like a wild west gun holster except it holds stuff that’s far more exciting than a six-shooter, like your cell phone and a little paper notepad and a tin of Altoids. Read More

  • DIY laptop case made out of bags

    Love the Earth? Love plastic bags? Why not melt them together and add an old t-shirt for the lining in order to create a laptop case? Using an iron and a bunch of crinkly bags you can create sheets of plastic that you can then sew together to create a bag, jacket, or pants, thereby save the Earth and showing the world how much you like bags in one fell swoop. Read More

  • Backpack cooler bag features solar charging and built-in speakers

    What fun is going to the beach if you can’t bring a half-dozen portable electronic devices along with you? And let’s not forget how difficult it is to keep all those juice boxes cool. Yes, I said juice boxes. Drinking beer in the daytime makes me sleepy. Anyhoo, this bag features solar charging, speakers, and it’s insulated to keep your favorite libations cold. Read More

  • Review: Loopbags Vanguard 15-inch Backpack

    If there is one thing I learned while testing this bag it was that there are better bags out there than a $60 Targus for sale at the airport electronic boutique. And so I’m pleased to introduce the Loopbag Vanguard 15-inch Backpack in brown. In my humble opinion this bag is immeasurably better than a heavy, cheap messenger bag style laptop carrier but it does have pros and cons. First… Read More

  • Chrome and PBR link up for Limited Edition Citizen PBR messenger bag

    What happens when you mix one of the best ‘budget’ beers with the best messenger bag company in the biz? The best messenger bag of all time! That’s right, friends, Chrome is giving away one (or maybe more than one, I don’t know) LE Citizen PBR bag. How do you win? I’m glad you asked because it’s the easiest contest I’ve ever come across. Sign up… Read More

  • Chrome Soyuz: hardcore gear for the hardcore nerd

    Unlike Timbuk2 or Manhattan Portage, San Francisco-based Chrome has managed to stick to their core roots without sacrificing their souls to make diaper bags and yoga mat holders just to make an extra buck. It’s inevitable, though, that after 14 years Chrome would expand their line of bags to include those of us that aren’t as hardcore as the couriers biking around cities like… Read More

  • TSA compliant laptop bag from Aerovation makes flying easy

    You’d think a professional blogger like myself who travels a lot would have a TSA friendly bag, but you’re wrong. I still pull my laptop out every time and curse to the high heavens about it. A sane person would have invested in a bag like the Aerovation CPF Laptop Bag by now and I’m thinking real hard about it. Read More

  • Messenger bag converts into a chair, leaves no room for your laptop

    Oh my, this had the potential to be the most thoughtful messenger bag ever. Upon closer inspection, though, it’s basically just a chair that folds into the shape of a messenger bag, not an actual messenger bag with, say, a padded laptop compartment and room for other stuff. Read More

  • Laptops and Diapers: Two essentials in one bag

    Sure you’ve got a new baby on the way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear horn-rimmed glasses and tote your Mac Pro to your neighborhood organic coffee shop. But those damn diapers! Why can’t the kid learn to use the toilet like a civilized adult?! If only there was a smart-looking messenger satchel that pulled double duty (or is it “doodie”?) as… Read More

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