• Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack was my surprise hit of CES 2018

    Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack was my surprise hit of CES 2018

    Peak Design announced its line of bags on Kickstarter in 2016. It’s my favorite thing at CES 2018. The project raised $6.5 million on Kickstarter and now the company has a full product line designed for photographers and bloggers and people who just like nice things. That’s me. To be clear this is not a new bag. The bag has been out for a bit but I purchased Peak Design’s… Read More

  • Herschel goes high tech with its new magic fabric

    Herschel goes high tech with its new magic fabric

    Everyone’s favorite retro backpack maker is heading into the 21st century. The Vancouver-based company has released something called the Sealtech Collection, a grand departure from their olde-timey design and materials. The collection uses a rip-stop material called Sealtech which can reseal itself after a small rip or puncture. The material consists of a grid of nylon threads that is… Read More

  • Review: Lowepro SlingShot 202 AW

    Short version: The SlingShot 202 is a strange bag. It’s not really a backpack, although you do wear it on your back, and it’s not really a messenger bag, but you do put the strap over your shoulder. It’s kind of a strange combination of both, taking the best of each and combining them into one bag. Surprisingly, it works pretty well. Read More

  • Review: Psyopper Netbook Sleeve

    Short version: There’s lots of mass produced, low quality, netbook sleeves and bags out there. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. But what about something made by one guy, his sewing machine, and a dream? Can a home made product sold on the internet hold up to the same standards as products made by Crumpler, or Timbuk2? Can the little guy be competitive in the market with… Read More

  • Tom Bihn announces two bags for the iPad

    So it begins; bag designer Tom Bihn announced today the release of two new iPad specific products, a messenger bag and a dedicated sleeve style case. Read More

  • Geek designs iPhone-powered digital signage bag

    Japanese super geek Akio has single-handedly designed what he calls a digital signage bag specifically made for iPhones. It’s essentially a bag with three pockets that fit an iPhone or iPod touch each and can serve as a promotion tool. At least in theory. Read More

  • Video Review: be.ez LA besace Lime Drop laptop bag

    Behold, ladies and gentleman, the LA besace Lime Drop bag from be.ez. It comfortably holds your 15″ MacBook. and looks great doing it. Don’t look like every other chump with a Targus or SwissGear laptop bag. Click on through to watch a fun and educational video! Read More

  • New Tom Bihn bags for the new Apple MacBook Pro

    Hot on the heels of the MacWorld announcement of the new unibody 17″ MacBook Pro comes word of new Tom Bihn bags to hold those unibody MacBook Pros. With names like Smart Alec, Empire Builder, and Super Ego, you know they’re good! Read More

  • Review: Kata DR-467 Digital Rucksack

    I can’t help but compare Kata’s ‘digital rucksack’ to the Lowepro Fastpack I reviewed earlier this year. Its looks, features, and price are similar, but it all boils down to personal preference and what you’re looking to do with it. My initial reaction when the Kata made it into the office was that it was a cheap knockoff of the aforementioned Lowepro, but after a… Read More

  • jill-e designs steps up and produces manly camera bags dubbed jack

    jill-e designs have been around for a while with great, but pricey, camera bags. the firm has won numerous awards but is now stepping in to the male arena with its jack lineup. three different bags make up the line starting with a rolling camera bag, followed by a messenger style, and lastly, a medium sized case. all the models are made out of rich brown colombian leather, with contrasting… Read More

  • Review: Proporta Gadget Bag The Proporta Gadget Bag is a handy way to store all the stuff that comes with your gadget lifestyle: batteries, battery chargers, media sticks, cables, etc.  The Transformer-like nature of this bag means you can take the right-sized compartment for the trip to the coffee shop, or assemble the whole thing to organize your gear for a longer junket. … Read More

  • Ridiculous Amount Of Cash Paid For iPhone Bag

    Just because the iPhone is officially out does not mean that the excitement that comes with it will ever come to a grinding halt. With a bulky gadget like the iPhone though, I don’t think people are getting excited over having their tight jeans’ pockets overflowing with phoney goodness. If only there were a bag or something to keep your iPhone in… Aha! The magic of eBay… Read More

  • Infocase Always-On Macbook Bag Hands On

    The Infocase Always-On Macbook Case in all its glory! I recently purchased a new Macbook and I’m loving it. Like all my precious gadgets and toys, it’s important to keep them protected. Infocase was kind enough to send me their new Always-On Macbook case to spend some time with and I must say, while it certainly keeps my laptop protected, does it have all the features… Read More

  • D&D Themed Messenger Bag Probably Doesn't Suck

    us geeks. It’s called the Bag of Holding, and it’s logo has a 20-sided die. That’s a D&D reference, a Bag of Holding being a magical bag that can hold more inside than physically possible, via magic. For example, you could hide an entire suit of +3 Chain Mail in a purse-sized bag, and not suffer any penalties to your Encumbrance score. Now, we could be like every other… Read More