bag week 2011

Bag Week Review: The Chrome Anton

<strong>What is it?</strong> Is it a messenger bag? Is it a briefcase? How about both? Chrome's Anton laptop bag is equal parts business and play. It comes in both green and black and has a real mili

Bag Week Review: Timbuk2 Swig Backpack

I chose this bag because it's a bit smaller than the other ones I tested this week and it could be good for a younger person or a svelte, slim lady/man about town. It is a fairly standard backpack but

The Big Bag Week Giveaway: An HP OfficeJet Printer, An HP Laptop, And, Obviously, A Bag

So I promised that <a HREF="">Bag Week 2011</a> would be worth it. There were the naysayers, the no-no-never Nancies, the nattering nabobs of negativism, and t

Bag Week Review: Incase Alloy Messenger Bag

<strong>What is it?</strong> So you've already heard about the Incase Alloy Series Compact Backpack, and perhaps you felt that the style was super slick but you tend to prefer messenger bags over bac

Review: Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase

We covered Saddleback Leather's products <a HREF="">last year</a> and we thought it would be fun to bring these guys back on stage

Bag Week Review: Ogio Squadron RSS

I consider myself a pretty understated guy when it comes to attire, so when Ogio offered to send me the Squadron RSS in Celebrity White, I surprised myself my taking a chance on it. A white bag? This

Bag Week Review: Incase Andy Warhol Shoulder Bag (Color: Banana)

<strong>What is it?</strong> Whether your apartment walls are covered in pop art or not, this Shoulder Bag from Incase's Andy Warhol collection brings an entirely new sense of style to the laptop bag

Bag Week Review: Crumpler Pinnacle of Horror

This is my new go-to bag. That's saying something, too. Despite reviewing <a href="">dozens</a> of computers bags during my tenure at TechCrunch, I've stuck wi

Bag Week Review: Incase Nylon Sling Sleeve

Sometimes you don't need space for clothes, lunch, paperwork and your pet hamster. Sometimes all you need is an easy way to get your laptop from point A to point B safely. If that's the case, then we

Bag Week 2011: The Second Giveaway

Today's giveaway is pretty exciting. For your pleasure, we have a <a HREF="">Timbuk2 D-Lux Racing Stripe Laptop Messenger

Bag Week Review: Nomadic WR-08 Wise-Walker Shoulder Bag

Next up during this year's <a HREF="">Bag Week</a> we have the oddly named but delightfully designed Wise-Walker from Nomadic. This Japanese import is a busine

Bag Week Review: Mission Workshop Sanction

Bag Week continues with our review of Mission Workshop's Sanction backpack. It's a weather-proof pack made for short trips on your bike or long walks in the rain. It's their smallest backpack, far sma

Bag Week Review: The Chrome Krakow Laptop Bag

<strong>What is it?</strong> Boy am I enjoying bag week. <a href="">Incase's Alloy series Compact Backpack</

Bag Week Review: The Targus Spruce EcoSmart

When I joined TechCrunch (and AOL, by association), I found myself swimming in company-issued bags. The standard-issue MacBook Pro came with a hefty Targus beater of a shoulder bag, and AOL saw fit to

Bag Week 2011: The First Giveaway

First, if you find the concept of Bag Week appalling (looking at you, <a HREF="">achshar</a>), read no further. We want no truck with you. Second, here's a free bag. <a HR

Bag Week Review: The Incase Alloy Series Compact Backpack

<strong>What is it?</strong> Happy Bag Week everyone, and please kindly meet the Incase Alloy Series Compact Backpack. I've been reviewing this bag for a while now, and I have to say I much prefer it

Bag Week Review: The Chrome Yalta Backpack

<b>What is it?</b> If you're planning on taking a semester off and fly to Europe just to clear your head and get over "her" (or "him"), you're going to need a backpack. That's why Chrome made the Yal

Welcome To Bag Week 2011

We pay a lot of lip service to high-tech gadgetry and gizmos on TechCrunch, focusing on only the latest and greatest for your edification. But what abou the stuff that barely gets any notice? What abo