bag week 2009

Bag Week Review Round-up

Wow, we just burned through 14 bags over the last seven days. We looked at dual-purpose bags, weather-proof backpacks, camera satchels, and even went hands-on with a bag worthy of Batman. Hopefully yo

Bag Week: Kata 3N1-33 Sling Backpack

The Kata 3N1-33 Sling Backpack could be a Transformer in disguise and I would cleverly reference the most appropriate character if I knew anything about the show.

Bag Week: Booq Mamba Shift quick video tour Since the Mamba Shift just came out t

Review: Chrome Buran weather-proof laptop messenger bag

Short Version: A rugged, reliable, and attractive bag — but its layout may not be suited to those who like to pack in lots of stuff.

Bag Week: Chrome Soyuz weather-proof laptop backpack

Short Version: It costs a bundle, but the Soyuz is a fantastic backpack. Weather-proof, comfortable, roomy, and understated, it’s the best backpack I’ve used for years.

Bag Week: Crumpler King Single

<img class="size-full wp-image-130382 aligncenter" title="crumpler1" src="" /></a>The Crumpler King Single is a laptop backpack with a

Bag Week: Timbuk2 Commute 2.0

Short Version: The Commute 2.0 is from Timbuk2’s new TSA friendly generation of messenger bags. Essentially this means that they’ve added some commuter friendly features to a standard mess

Bag Week: The Vega & Corsair from Chrome Bags

I put up a hand-on of these two bags a few months ago, but I have to repost it. Not only in the spirit of Bag Week, mainly because I’ve found after using both bags over the last few months, my 

Bag Week: Kata Digital Bag DB-453

All you really need to know is that the small Kata DB-453 camera bag will hold your DSLR and ultra-portable notebook. (Do me a favor and click the Read More link anyway, m’kay?)

Bag Week: Sumo Messenger Bag

Short Version: Sumo is fairly new to the bag game but this is a strong showing for the company. For $79.99 you get a 17-inch laptop bag made of waterproof ballistic, rip-stop nylon. Sadly, a lack of i

Bag Week: Booq Boa Flow XL

The Booq Boa Flow XL is huge! You can stuff a small dog in it and still have room for your computer and DSLR.

Bag Week: Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home

Finding a good multipurpose bag can be difficult. The Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home is a good example of a shoulder style camera bag with optional laptop storage. It works best as a camera bag; the l

Bag Week: Booq Boa Squeeze

Short version: Like lots of pockets in a laptop backpack? I count 27 on the Booq Boa Squeeze and wouldn’t be surprised if there are some hiding.

Welcome to Bag Week!

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Bag Week: Kata CS-17 camera satchel

Name one messenger bag that effectively combines a notebook bag and a camera case? Obviously the bag pictured above. The Kata CS-17.