bag week 2009

  • Bag Week Review Round-up

    Wow, we just burned through 14 bags over the last seven days. We looked at dual-purpose bags, weather-proof backpacks, camera satchels, and even went hands-on with a bag worthy of Batman. Hopefully you were introduced to a few new options. There is no reason why you should still be using that laptop briefcase you uncle gave you for graduation. The whole collection has been… Read More

  • Bag Week: Kata 3N1-33 Sling Backpack

    The Kata 3N1-33 Sling Backpack could be a Transformer in disguise and I would cleverly reference the most appropriate character if I knew anything about the show. Read More

  • Bag Week: Booq Mamba Shift quick video tour
    Since the Mamba Shift just came out this week, I haven’t had time to put it through its paces for a full review. But because Bag Week is coming to an end, I thought I should at least give a quick overview for those looking… Read More

  • Review: Chrome Buran weather-proof laptop messenger bag

    Short Version: A rugged, reliable, and attractive bag — but its layout may not be suited to those who like to pack in lots of stuff. Read More

  • Bag Week: Chrome Soyuz weather-proof laptop backpack

    Short Version: It costs a bundle, but the Soyuz is a fantastic backpack. Weather-proof, comfortable, roomy, and understated, it’s the best backpack I’ve used for years. Read More

  • Bag Week: Crumpler King Single

    The Crumpler King Single is a laptop backpack with a low profile. That’s not to say it won’t draw attention; the color and styling is hard to miss, but the design holds your laptop and your stuff close to your center mass. Read More

  • Bag Week: Timbuk2 Commute 2.0

    Short Version: The Commute 2.0 is from Timbuk2’s new TSA friendly generation of messenger bags. Essentially this means that they’ve added some commuter friendly features to a standard messenger bag. Read More

  • Bag Week: The Vega & Corsair from Chrome Bags

    I put up a hand-on of these two bags a few months ago, but I have to repost it. Not only in the spirit of Bag Week, mainly because I’ve found after using both bags over the last few months, my initial conclusion was dead on: These bags are rad. Read More

  • Bag Week: Kata Digital Bag DB-453

    All you really need to know is that the small Kata DB-453 camera bag will hold your DSLR and ultra-portable notebook. (Do me a favor and click the Read More link anyway, m’kay?) Read More

  • Bag Week: Sumo Messenger Bag

    Short Version: Sumo is fairly new to the bag game but this is a strong showing for the company. For $79.99 you get a 17-inch laptop bag made of waterproof ballistic, rip-stop nylon. Sadly, a lack of internal organization pockets hampers the overall storage capacity. Read More

  • Bag Week: Booq Boa Flow XL

    The Booq Boa Flow XL is huge! You can stuff a small dog in it and still have room for your computer and DSLR. Read More

  • Bag Week: Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home

    Finding a good multipurpose bag can be difficult. The Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home is a good example of a shoulder style camera bag with optional laptop storage. It works best as a camera bag; the laptop storage sleeve is added as an afterthought for a photographer that needs to download pictures in the field. Read More

  • Bag Week: Booq Boa Squeeze

    Short version: Like lots of pockets in a laptop backpack? I count 27 on the Booq Boa Squeeze and wouldn’t be surprised if there are some hiding. Read More

  • Welcome to Bag Week!

    Hello and welcome to CrunchGear’s Bag Week, a week all about bags. Why bags, you ask? Because bags, whether we like it or not, are our first line of defense against the vagaries of a harsh world. We can protect our laptops in our curled and quivering arms or we can slide them into a nice Sumo or Booq and find ourselves secure in the knowledge that everything, for a little while, is going… Read More

  • Bag Week: Kata CS-17 camera satchel

    Name one messenger bag that effectively combines a notebook bag and a camera case? Obviously the bag pictured above. The Kata CS-17. Read More