• Lessons From TechCrunch Disrupt Audience Choice Winner Badgeville’s Launch

    I was honored to have been selected to launch my social rewards and analytics company, Badgeville, this past September at TechCrunch Disrupt. Badgeville made it to the final round of the Startup Battlefield and won the Audience Choice Award. As a result of our success at TechCrunch, we’ve had the opportunity and good fortune of selling over $1 million in Web-based software, securing… Read More

  • Meebo CEO Seth Sternberg On Why He's Pushing For Website Check-Ins (TCTV)

    Now that people are just starting to get comfortable with the concept of the check-in for geo-location, it is starting to spread to other areas like product check-ins, TV show check-ins, and website check-ins. Just a couple weeks ago, Meebo introduced website check-ins as a new feature for its Meebo Bar. And before that, at our last Disrupt conference in San Francisco, two of the… Read More

  • Badgeville Investors Now Betting $2.5 Million That You'll Want To Check In To Websites

    TechCrunch Disrupt Audience Choice winner Badgeville announces a $2.5 million Series A round today in order to apply its badge-based game mechanics across the web.  Investors in the round include eBay COO Maynard Webb, Palantir founder Joe Lonsdale, Pejman Nozad and Zain Khan from Felix Investments and senior executives from Paypal, Chegg,, and Warner Music. … Read More

  • Raid The MiniBar: Meebo Gets Into The Site Check-In Game. But Don't Call It A Game.

    Raid The MiniBar: Meebo Gets Into The Site Check-In Game. But Don't Call It A Game.

    With the rise of Foursquare, the “check-in” has become fairly commonplace. With the launch of Places, Facebook will only make it more so. It shouldn’t be surprising that we’re seeing dozens of other startups spring up to do check-ins for FILL-IN-THE-BLANK. Media check-ins were a pretty obvious extension. But now we’re seeing a number of companies pop up that are… Read More

  • Badgeville Wants To Layer Social Gaming (And Yes, Badges) Across The Entire Web

    When Foursquare first launched, there were no deals. There was no way to get free pizza or cheap beer. The only incentive to play their game was to earn badges and bragging rights among friends. Badgeville, a new startup launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt, wants to apply that gaming mechanic to all sites across the web. So how does this work? Well, a publisher sets up a Badgeville account… Read More