• Social Analytics Platform BackType Raises a Cool Million in Funding

    Today, San Francisco-based marketing intelligence company, BackType, announced that it has closed a seed funding round of just over $1 million, led by a group of Silicon Valley investors, including lead investor True Ventures as well as Manu Kumar’s K9 Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Chris Sacca’s Lowercase Capital, Dave McClure’s 500 Startups, Founder Collective, Raymond… Read More

  • ConvoTrack: A Simple And Useful Conversation Tracker Built On Top Of BackType

    Here’s a sweet little hack that brings all the chatter about any website or article from across various social services right into a browser sidebar, eliminating the need to visit another web page in order to track conversations. ConvoTrack is the name of the tool, and what it does is leverage the BackType API to enable anyone to see what’s being said about e.g. a TechCrunch article… Read More

  • BackType Connect For WordPress Brings The Web's Conversation To Your Blog

    Last month Y Combinator startup BackType introduced a new feature called BackType Connect, allowing users to enter the URL of any blog post to see related comments on other blogs, Twitter, FriendFeed, and a number of other services. The service is quite useful but hasn’t been particularly convenient until now, as users would have to visit the BackType website in order to see the… Read More

  • Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere?

    Depending on which numbers you source or believe, all reports agree that the blogosphere continues to expand globally. As the leading blog directory and search engine, Technorati maintains a coveted Authority Index which is considered amongst bloggers as the benchmark for measuring their rank and selling their position within the blogosphere. (At least until recently). Authority in the index… Read More

  • BackType Gets More Conversation Tracking Features, Seed Funding

    BackType, one of the better conversation tracking tools we’ve come across so far, is releasing a couple of new features today that arguably make it a top gun in the space. The startup, launched in August 2008 on $15k thanks to Y Combinator’s summer program, has also closed a round of seed funding to the tune of $300,000 from True Ventures, led by the firm’s founder and… Read More

  • BackType Launches Google Alerts For Blog Comments

    BackType, a Y Combinator startup that launched in August, is a sort of “Twitter for comments” that aggregates comments from millions of blogs into a single, searchable, parsable stream. Today they launched a new feature called Alerts that will let users track keywords included in comments on tracked blogs – a sort of Google Alerts for blog comments. This will be useful to… Read More

  • BackType, A Twitter For Comments

    BackType is the newest YCombinator startup to launch from their summer program. They’re a blog-comment focused startup – founders Christoper Golda and Michael Montano are for the first time aggregating all comments from millions of blogs into a single, searchable, parsable stream. Think Twitter for all comments on the web. Read More

  • Y Combinator's Demo Day Summer 2008

    The twenty one startups from Y Combinator’s summer session are presenting their ideas and creations to investors in Boston this afternoon. Below are descriptions of the nine startups we haven’t covered and who don’t wish to remain in stealth mode any longer. See our prior coverage of Posterous, Anyvite, ididwork, Popcuts, and Slinkset – all of which are part of this… Read More