The Backbone One: PlayStation Edition mobile controller is now available for Android

Backbone One — PlayStation Edition controller, made by Sony and Backbone, is now available for Android. Last July, both companies partnered to release an iOS version of the controller with a lig

Backbone launches an Android version of its mobile gaming controller

We tend to write fondly about Backbone’s mobile gaming controller around these parts, but the recommendation has always come with one asterisk: to date, it’s really been meant mostly for i

Backbone’s mobile gaming controller gets an official PlayStation edition

The Backone One is getting a new look. This morning, Backbone (the company behind the Backbone One, a really-dang-good controller accessory for the iPhone) debuted a new variant of its device: Backbon

Backbone nabs $14M for supply chain software inspired by mesh networks

Forecasting, also known as demand variability, has long been a hurdle for businesses reliant on the global supply chain. In a survey conducted long before the pandemic began (in 2015), large companies

Celebs back Backbone’s mobile gaming controller with $40M round

Before the pandemic, I traveled a lot for work. My suitcase packing list, honed over the years, was pretty much set in stone. Backbone’s iPhone gaming controller is one of a few new things in re

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It is, somehow, that time again! Thanksgiving is hours away, which means it's time to figure out what, if anything, you want to buy on Black Friday.

Hit iPhone controller Backbone One scores Xbox Game Pass partnership at xCloud’s iOS launch today

Backbone One, the killer iPhone game pad I profiled here late last year, has just scored the mother of all tie-ups for a gaming accessory. It’s getting bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as it lau