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Halo’s SleepSure is a baby wearable to keep an eye on the little one

At a preview event at CES in Las Vegas today, baby-sleep experts Halo showed off a wearable for babies, which can track four measurements in real time: heart rate, rollover, skin temperature, and move

Miku watches your baby (and your baby’s heartbeat) while you relax

Using technology that sounds like it comes straight out of Predator, Miku is a new baby monitor that watches and senses your baby’s vitals in real time. The system not only broadcasts a secure f

This baby monitor uses radar to detect infant breathing patterns

I’ll be honest, hearing about what Raybaby does made me happy I don’t have kids. The mere thought of needing a device to monitor a child’s breathing stresses me out. But it’s a legitimate conc

Nanit knows more about how your baby sleeps than you do

What if a simple camera capturing data for machine learning could tell you the threat level of an individual approaching a fence? What if the same combination of camera and computer could classify t

Evoz Debuts A “Connected” Monitor Offering Baby Data Tracking, Cry Alerts And More

Evoz, the company behind some of the earliest smartphone-connected baby monitoring systems, is out now with a new product, the Evoz Parenting Monitor, that goes beyond simply capturing video and shari

Sproutling Opens Pre-Orders For Wearable Baby Monitor That Makes Your Life Less Stressful

Calling itself the "world's smartest baby monitor" Sproutling is launching its pre-order campaign today for its baby wearable monitor that learns and predict a baby's unique sleep patterns, mood and r

Onni Is A Smart Baby Monitor Made By A Real Mommy And Daddy Team

Satu Niemelä and Erasmus van Niekerk, the husband and wife team behind <a target="_blank" href="">the Onni baby monitor</a>, knew what they wanted out of a baby m