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This baby monitor uses radar to detect infant breathing patterns

I’ll be honest, hearing about what Raybaby does made me happy I don’t have kids. The mere thought of needing a device to monitor a child’s breathing stresses me out. But it’s a legitimate conc

Nanit knows more about how your baby sleeps than you do

What if a simple camera capturing data for machine learning could tell you the threat level of an individual approaching a fence? What if the same combination of camera and computer could classify t

Evoz Debuts A “Connected” Monitor Offering Baby Data Tracking, Cry Alerts And More

Evoz, the company behind some of the earliest smartphone-connected baby monitoring systems, is out now with a new product, the Evoz Parenting Monitor, that goes beyond simply capturing video and shari

Sproutling Opens Pre-Orders For Wearable Baby Monitor That Makes Your Life Less Stressful

Calling itself the "world's smartest baby monitor" Sproutling is launching its pre-order campaign today for its baby wearable monitor that learns and predict a baby's unique sleep patterns, mood and r

Onni Is A Smart Baby Monitor Made By A Real Mommy And Daddy Team

Satu Niemelä and Erasmus van Niekerk, the husband and wife team behind <a target="_blank" href="">the Onni baby monitor</a>, knew what they wanted out of a baby m