The New Mobile-Cloud Enterprise

Enterprise IT is undergoing a platform shift from web-based, client-server systems to a mobile-cloud platform. This shift has caught the attention of all the major tech vendors who have either acquire

GoInstant’s Next Chapter Is A Developer Platform For The “Multiplayer Web”

<a target="_blank" href="">GoInstant</a>, the startup that bought for <a href="

AppScale Launches As An Open-Source Backup Equivalent To Google App Engine

Startup <a target="_blank" href="">AppScale</a> has launched its open-source backup up service for Google App Engine (GAE), which is compatible with standard cloud services that d

Rackspace Rolls Out Its Mobile Plan As Vendors Get Giddy About Backend Data Pipes And Spigots

Suddenly all this backend stuff is hot. Who would have ever thought that data pipes and the spigots would get so much attention? Salesforce is getting into the game and now so is Rackspace with the l