• Yahoo Debuts Axis, Their New (And Impressive) Desktop And Mobile Search Experience

    Yahoo Debuts Axis, Their New (And Impressive) Desktop And Mobile Search Experience

    Late last year, Yahoo filed for a trademark on the phrase “Yahoo Axis.” The filing raised more questions than answers at the time, but after six months Yahoo has finally spilled the proverbial beans — Axis is both a new search-oriented add-on for your web browser, and a new browser app for iOS. Before I talk about what it’s like to actually use Axis, let’s… Read More

  • Trademark Watch: What Is “Yahoo Axis”?

    Trademark Watch: What Is “Yahoo Axis”?

    Last Friday, troubled Internet giant Yahoo filed a new trademark application with the USPTO. I can’t find any record of an existing Yahoo product or service by the name, so I figured I should just throw it out here for all of you to speculate what the company has up its sleeves. The name, before I forget to mention it, is Yahoo Axis. That will make you none the wiser, but perhaps the… Read More

  • Review: Iomega StorCenter ix2 Network Storage

    Reviewing a NAS is probably not at the top of my list of things to do, but the Iomega ix2 is a dead simple network storage solution that works well. The model I reviewed is the 2TB variety and I finally caved and started backing up my files. Even though I set it up RAID 1 style, 1TB was ample enough to handle all of my content with plenty of room to spare. I wouldn’t recommend this to… Read More

  • The Matrix? ESPN Axis camera technology brings Euro 2008 to life~! Who here’s been watching Euro 2008? All you English lads, I’m sure, and right from your living room. Anyway, I only mention the Euros because of this neat camera technology ESPN has this year, Axis. It’s a 360-degree camera the network uses to show instant replays. It makes plain ol’ telestrators look… Read More