• Fly like an eagle… with a cybernetic beak

    Oh noes! This sad eagle named Beauty had her beak shot off a few years ago which left it almost impossible for her to eat in the wild. Volunteers fed and took care of her but now she’s getting a robo-beak courtesty of a raptor recovery center in St. Maries, Idaho. The eagle seems to understand that it is being helped because it stayed, unrestrained, on a table for two hours while… Read More

  • Cute Kid Makes PSP Play Wii

    A great video of a kid making his PSP play Wii games using Sony’s Location Free player. Sure, it’s a cheap hack, but this kid is quite charming in his efforts. He’s got a 6 second delay on this, which is quite annoying, and but he’s humble. And he calls himself Obiwan22, for Christ’s sake. How much cuter can you get? Kid takes PSP and makes it play Wii [Engadget] Read More