DreamWorksTV launches its first over-the-top streaming service on Amazon Channels

Awesomeness, the digital media company acquired by Comcast for $3.8 billion in 2016, is today bringing kid-friendly programming, including original content, to Amazon Prime subscribers with the launch

Awesomeness is launching a news division aimed at Gen Z

Awesomeness, the digital media company programming content for a young, YouTube-obsessed audience, is getting into news. The company announced a new project called Awesomeness News. The editorial bran

Happy International Day Of Awesomeness

<img src="" />Rejoice! Today is <a href="">International Day Of Awesomeness</a>. It's time to celebrate just

JJ Abrams does some very good work with a very terminal geek

[photopress:kirk.jpg,full,center] I know that some of you didn’t like Cloverfield. I haven’t seen it yet being as I’m stranded in Mexico, but I want to like it. I like JJ Abrams a lo

Exclusive New Transformers Trailer Available

We here at the CG are very excited for the upcoming Transformers film. Unfortunately, the past two trailers the studio has been showing are just not that great and really don’t give you a good f

BRDGen Lets You Burn PS3 Disks Like the Pros

PS3/Blu-Ray fanboys are frothing over this announcement from BRDGen. The world’s first publicly available PC app to create and/or edit Blu-Ray AND PS3 discs has been released into the wild; BRDGen v