Netflix and HBO cleaned up at the Emmys

Hulu made Emmys history last night by becoming the first streaming service to win an Emmy for Best Drama (“The Handmaid’s Tale”), but it was Netflix that actually took home more awar

AARP dangles $10K prize in front of startups to help aging population

An impetuous 20-something year old team of startup founders may not automatically reach out to the AARP to bring its products to market. Ignoring the aging population isn't the sharpest move, however.

The Rise Awards recognize the talent behind the scenes of successful startups

Silicon Valley is already knee-deep in flattery. Between 30-under-30 lists, award shows and yearly roundups, the startup scene is pretty good at giving praise where it is (or isn’t) due. Except

Get Your Nominations In Now For The 2011 Crunchies Awards

There are only a couple days left to nominate your favorites for this year's <a href="">2011 Crunchies Awards</a>. Already, we've received over 150,000 nominat

Nobel Physics prize goes to creators of the CCD, fiber optic communications

<img src="" alt="CCD_Nobel" title="CCD_Nobel" width="468" height="312" class="alignright size-full wp-image-117519" />With all the <a

Nominate us for a Weblog Award? Please? Peter Ha will get rickets if we don't win

Peter Ha is walking because of one thing: hope. And modern medicine. So two things, but the hope thing is much more interesting. That’s why I’m asking that you to nominate CG in one of the

Golden Joystick award winners announced

The Golden Joystick awards were handed out earlier today. (Golden Joystick is a British-based video game award show that, I think, has a little more credibility than Spike Video Game Award, primarily

iPhone 3G wins Stuff Magazine's "Gadget of the Year" readers choice award

Congrats, Steve ol’ buddy! Your life long dream has finally come true! Yeah, yeah, selling millions of iPhone 3Gs was cool and all – but now it has won the UK’s Stuff Magazine reader

"Stained," the first award-winning film to be shot in 4K on a Red One camera

I’ve got a friend working on a few things with his Red One that will probably win a few awards as well (hey man lets hang out btw), but this film, made for a 168-hour film contest, is apparently

GDC 2008: Game Developer Choice Awards roundup

Hey Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, you earned it. Nice work nabbing the Best Handheld Game of the Year award at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Still selling like hotcakes after

Don't forget: Crunchies nominations close tonight at midnight!

Another reminder that the Mothership is closing nominations for the inaugural 2007 Crunchie awards, like, soon, midnight tonight (Wednesday, December 12). One of the categories is gadgets, and while w

Nominate your favorite gear for the 2007 Crunchie Awards!

Just a reminder, the Mothership is closing nominations for the inaugural 2007 Crunchie awards, like, soon, midnight tomorrow (Wednesday, December 12) night. One of the categories is gadgets, and while picks best cell phones of 2007

Ah, all the "Best of 2007" articles should be coming out left and right in the very near future. has gotten their list of the best cell phones of the year all wrapped up. So

CrunchGear Boooring Edition: Wins Some Award

I bet that you, me, and even Dupree all use Google for our web search. But when it comes to mobile phone-based searching, it’s really anyone’s game. Know why? Because I’m trying to m

Winners Of The YouTube Awards

Earlier, I briefly discussed the first YouTube Awards show that would be taking place. Time has passed, the people have spoken, and the winners are out! OK Go’s “Here it Goes Again”

YouTube Creating Awards Show

This video should win “most inspirational” for sure. Get ready people. Any random jackass (myself included) is going to have a shot at winning an award now that YouTube has created its own

iPod Shuffle Wins A 2007 Design Week Award

Apple’s second-generation iPod Shuffle has been incredibly well received. The design truly is wonderful and even made me pick up one this past Hanukkah for my friend. Now Apple is getting some w

2007 Bloggies: Vote for Us!

We’ve been rewarding you and now it’s time to return the favor. The nominations ballot for the 2007 Bloggies is online. If you’ve enjoyed reading CrunchGear for the past six months,

Ready Steady Vote.

The nominees for the 3rd annual¬†“Website of the Year 2006” have just been announced today. Beginning today through December 1, UK internet users can vote for their favourite websites by¬†