Avichay Nissenbaum

  • New Micro-VC Lool Launches in Israel. Can Better Mentoring Boost the Country's Returns?

    Israel has had an amazing track record of producing startups and raking in returns– better than most countries many times its size. The problem is the returns have fallen off dramatically in the last ten years as industries Israel excelled at have become mature. Meanwhile, it’s failed to generate many big consumer Web hits, aside from MyHeritage and a few others. I’ve… Read More

  • Does Israel Still Have its Mojo? AOL Certainly Thinks So

    In a recent post, Sarah Lacy posed the question of whether Israel has lost its mojo. It looks like AOL believes the mojo is still very much somewhere in the Holy Land, as evidenced by its tapping Avichay Nissenbaum as AOL’s first Country Manager for Israel. Nissenbaum, considered by Israel’s startup community as “one of the good guys” is known for two startup… Read More