• Filmy: Watch AVCHD Video On Your PS3 (For $5)

    Sony has just rolled out a new application for the PS3 called Filmy that “allows easy organization and viewing of AVCHD video recorded with Sony cameras on [the system].” Well, as long as it’s easy, I suppose. Read More

  • AG-AF100: Panasonic’s Micro Four-Thirds Pro Camcorder Gets Priced And Dated (In Japan)

    Back in April, Panasonic caused quite a big splash by teasing the AG-AF100, an interchangeable-lens camcorder for “professional users”. The Micro Four-Thirds device is the first of its kind, offering 1080/60i or 1080/30p AVCHD video recording and the ability to use a bunch of different lenses, adapters and filters with it (Micro Four-Thirds lens mount). Read More

  • Panasonic Japan to release AVCHD-compatible, external DVD burner

    Panasonic Japan announced the VW-BN2 [JP] today, an external DVD burner that supports video recorded in the AVCHD format. The device allows you to burn your AVCHD video files directly from the camera (via USB 2.0) onto DVD. You can also use it to convert HD video quality into standard quality videos. Read More

  • Canon pushes out 2 new HD camcorders

    Today Canon announced [JP] the release of 2 new AVCHD camcorders, the iVIS HF11 and the iVIS HG21. Available at the end of August, they will cost $1,300 each. The iVIS HF11 (pictured above) comes with the following specs: – Full HD recording
    – 12x optical zoom
    – 32 GB internal memory, holding 12 hours of video
    – support of SD and SDHC cards
    – weight: 380g… Read More

  • Canon's HF10 AVCHD camcorder: a worthy successor to the HV20

    Canon’s HV20 HDV camcorder has been the de facto standard for quite a while ago for semi-pro and prosumer video. Fantastic picture, great lens, but to me the idea of recording to DV in the year 2008 is abhorrent. Fortunately, it seems the rough edges have been smoothed off AVCHD and this generation is the one to buy. You’ve got 17Mbps video bandwidth, 16GB of internal storage and… Read More

  • Samsung's HD Flash Camcorder Says, "Guten Tag"

    Revealed today pre-IFA is the VP-HMX10, which is Samsung’s first compact HD camcorder. While it’s not 1080p the HMX10 is rocking 720p with a 10x optical zoom lens and has 8GB of internal storage (H.264) with an SDHC port for extra coverage. The HMX10 also boasts a quick-start function that gets you going in under three seconds with a widescreen LCD that swivels around like a wet… Read More