• Meet ‘Genies,’ the lifelike personalized avatars that reenact news

    Meet ‘Genies,’ the lifelike personalized avatars that reenact news

    “We plan on making Bitmoji obsolete,” says Akash Nigam, CEO of Genies. Bragging about beating one of the world’s top apps before his has even launched is emblematic of Nigam’s and Genies’ brash style. But with $15 million in funding at a valuation over $100 million, top investors like NEA and Hollywood royalty like CAA are buying into the avatar startup. Read More

  • Loom.ai is building an avatar that can capture your personality

    Loom.ai is building an avatar that can capture your personality

    Virtual reality is often a technology that can lead to some deep existential questions related to who we are and what makes us human. These questions are especially poignant as startups grapple with how humans are going to represent themselves online in VR worlds. Loom.ai is aiming to crack this problem by making it as easy as possible for users to build a realistic avatar of themselves while… Read More

  • ObEN nabs $7.7M Series A as it looks to build a more human VR avatar

    ObEN nabs $7.7M Series A as it looks to build a more human VR avatar

    When you’re in virtual reality and start associating your limb and head movements with your onscreen avatar, that digital recreation really becomes an extension of who you are. ObEN is a startup launching out of HTC’s new Vive X accelerator that is hoping to craft a more complete digital version of its users so that they can be drawn deeper into VR immersive experiences. The… Read More

  • Google’s VR prototypes give you charming and strangely expressive googly eyes

    Google’s VR prototypes give you charming and strangely expressive googly eyes

    How best to represent a person in virtual space? A square with their avatar picture on it? Too Slack. A custom face crafted with a million sliders? Too Second Life. A 3D scan of their face? Too “Lawnmower Man.” Then perhaps… a cartoon representation of the headset the user is wearing, with giant googly eyes on the front? You, my friend, are crazy like a fox. Read More

  • Zoobe Wants To Cute-Ify Your Voice Messages With Animated 3D Cartoon Avatars

    Zoobe Wants To Cute-Ify Your Voice Messages With Animated 3D Cartoon Avatars

    The mobile messaging space is exploding with ever more colourful ways to communicate, augmenting the basics of text and voice — whether that’s stickers, one-to-many video chats or the ability to leave random missives for strangers. Zoobe, a Berlin-based startup, has another cutesy option to add to the pile: cartoon avatars that animate your voice message so you can ramp up the kawaii. Read More

  • Turn your Xbox 360 avatar into a cake-top figurine

    How many of you modeled your Xbox 360 avatar after yourself? Plenty of you, I’m sure. Not me, no. (Gotta be different.) My avatar, picture here, is named—yes, he has a name—Detective Bashyourbrainsin. He’s my idea of a rogue 1970s New York City police officer. Read More

  • Video: PlayStation Home isn't a safe environment for female avatars

    The video is totally SFW, but you might lose a few brain cells by watching it PlayStation Home for the PS3 could be the absolute dumbest thing ever produced in the history of human civilization. (Penny-Arcade doesn’t like it either, and their voice carries the same weight as Walter Cronkite’s did during the Vietnam War.) But not only is it wretched—the Wii has avatars, the Wii… Read More

  • 360 Avatar customization needs 256MB card

    The upcoming NXE update will feature the controversial avatar feature (you know, the one that makes me barf), but you’ve got to have either a HDD or 256MB card installed to take advantage of it. If you’ve got one of those pansy 64MB cards or (shudder) a naked Core system, you’ll be SOL, my friends. Of course, if you’ve just got a Core, how likely is it that… Read More

  • New Xbox Experience demo now online

    Fire up Xbox Live for a “glimpse” of the upcoming New Xbox Experience, Microsft’s latest update to the Xbox System Software. The Avatars are still lame, sure, but the enhanced multimedia options are a welcome treat. Read More

  • Video: Avatars in the new Xbox Experience

    http://images.video.msn.com/flash/soapbox1_1.swfVideo: Avatars in the new Xbox experience Major Nelson gives a rousing presentation on how to customize your avatar when the fall dashboard update unleashes the new Xbox Experience. Avatars are stupid. Read More

  • Xbox 360 avatars limited to E10+ rated games

    Xbox Live GM Eric Kilgore revealed at Gamefest that those fun little avatars we can expect from the new dashboard update will be limited when they first roll out. “We are still developing the final policies,” he said, adding that “The final guide we have this year is to think of them in an ‘E10’ context. That doesn’t mean it won’t change – but… Read More

  • Leaked: Thumbnails of Xbox 360 avatar creator images

    I’m not a big fan of the Wii Mii phenomena, but the Xbox team thinks the rest of us are and as they revealed the new dashboard update at E3 they also rolled out the avatars. A few images (real or not, we’re not sure) were passed on to Xbox 360 fanboy that showcase many, if not all, thumbnail images for the avatar creator. Each icon clearly indicates what you’ll be able to do… Read More

  • New interface + avatars = Totally reinvented Xbox 360?

    Would do you call Nintendo-inspired avatars and a Cover Flow rip-off anything less than a “transformation”? Not if you’re Microsoft, apparently. Speaking at Gamefest yesterday, the CTO of Microsoft’s games division said the following about the upcoming Dashboard re-design: What this does is reinvent the Xbox. I don’t think any one has ever done this before… Read More

  • Video: Down and dirty with the new Xbox 360 dashboard

    http://qik.com/player2.swf?streamname=dfa56c1adf1741618476cfc5cc1d3067&vid=129666&playback=false&polling=false&user=c870e7b7af28f528a2ee5b9ad144f0ccbc0f8694&displayname=Qikker56606&safelink=c870e7b7af28f528a2ee5b9ad144f0ccbc0f8694&userlock=true&islive=&username=anonymous This whole Web 2.0 stuff is absolute garbage. I’m announcing a moratorium… Read More

  • Meez finally launches virtual world, Meez Nation

    I don’t do the whole virtual world thing that seems to be popular with all the kids, but I hate the iPhone too, so take it for what it’s worth. After millions of requests and painstaking months, Meez has launched their very own virtual world, Meez Nation. Once I get around to fully immersing myself and my avatar in Meez Nation, you can bet your ass I’ll be kicking it with 50… Read More

  • Beema: Add freaky avatars to your video messages

    Poor Jason over at TC had to pretend to be an animated cat to try out a new video messaging platform, Beema. You log in, call a 1800 number, and leave a message. A short time later you get an SMS and an email containing your cellphone ready video. We gave it a go and were amused by the… Read More

  • MyCybertwin Software: Create an Online Version of Yourself To Annoy Your Friends, Family

    An Australian company just released software that acts as your online doppelganger. Called MyCybertwin, the software serves as a go-between between friends, customers, well wishers, etc. and your online personality. In other words, it’s a programmable avatar (God, that word bothers me so) that people can interact with. For example, you may be AFK, but your cybertwin is always online. So… Read More