• We never named a mountain after Avatar. What are you talking about?

    Monday could have marked one of the greatest acts of trolling of the decade. An official ceremony was held to change the name of a mountain in the Hunan province to commemorate James Cameron’s Avatar. Seems that now they’re realizing naming national monuments after movies isn’t the best idea. Read More

  • DIY: Avatar fiber optic jungle

    Inspired by Avatar, this crafty fellow created his own version of the Pandora jungle. Made using conductive thread, fiber optic strands, and LEDs, he built a rather impressive looking patch of grass that lights up when you touch it. I’m not sure what the practical usage of this would be, but it’s one of those projects that is just cool to look at. Read More

  • U.S. military now wants 3D surveillance cameras. Avatar invented 3D, you know.

    In a sense, the following story can be summed up thus: the US military wants new, hi-tech equipment. That’s not exactly breaking news, no, but there’s an Avatar connection, so if the world could stop rotating on its axis for a moment… It’s called Fine Detail Optical Surveillance, and the military wants Darpa to develop it. Think 3D spy cameras. Attach one to a… Read More

  • The Avatar sex scene

    First SNL did it and then reader Alex sent us this little bit of text, purportedly from the actual Avatar script. WTF indeed. Both comically NSFW items can be found after the jump. Read More

  • Avatar has made more than $1 billion. That's a lot of dollars.

    Pretty sure none of us here ever said that Avatar would tank at the box office, but did we think it’d make a billion dollars in just a few days? I sure didn’t! (To be fair, I never really gave the topic much thought.) But yes, wipe the look of shock off your face as it’s now revealed that the James Cameron film made $1.02 billion in three weeks. That includes… Read More

  • Bam! Avatar Hits $1 Billion In Ticket Sales In 17 Days, Already No. 4 All Time Movie

    James Cameron will shortly be responsible for the two highest grossing films of all time. After just 17 days Avatar has gathered over $1 billion in gross ticket sales, placing it fourth all time after Titanic ($1.8 billion), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ($1.12 billion) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ($1.07 billion). At $1.02 billion through Sunday… Read More

  • Should You See Avatar? About 75 Percent Of People Who Tweet About It Think You Should

    James Cameron’s visually-thrilling Avatar started out modestly for a mega-Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, pulling in only $27 million its first day at the box office (compared to $72 million for Twilight Saga: New Moon and $68 million for Transformers). But Avatar is the “iPhone of Movies,” as Michael likes to call it (I think he’s seen it four times already, and that… Read More

  • Avatar won the weekend despite a blocking attempt by Mother Nature

    I have yet to see a bad review of Avatar and a bunch of people went to see the movie too. Avatar brought in $232.2m in its opening weekend, although it could have been so much more if global warming could have helped out a bit. East Coasters probably were probably too busy digging out from over a foot of snow that fell over the last few days to go see a movie. Read More

  • Avatar has hit telesync, but by all reports you should just pay your money

    Imagine this in 3D. With like aliens popping out onto your lap. This telesync won’t be like that. Avatar is now a telesync, in English, but it seems the aliens in the copy are gray and everyone – I mean everyone – says to go see it in the theaters. If you can’t wait and/or you live in Central Europe where it’s coming out on December 24, you might as well whet… Read More

  • Poll: Do you plan on seeing Avatar this weekend

    You probably already know that this is Avatar‘s opening weekend. It’s a big movie to say it lightly. James Cameron invested a lot of time and resources into it and some say the future of 3D movies are riding on its blue alien shoulders. But do you plan on using two hours and 40 minutes of your life watching it this weekend? (I do) {democracy:70} Read More

  • Avatar online ticket sales taking over

    So it’s sounding like Avatar is going to be breaking some records (shocking, I know). What record is pending you ask? Online ticket sales. Ok, maybe it’s not biggest movie ever, or most special effects, but it’s still pretty damn impressive. Read More

  • First reviews of Avatar appear, but stay away

    So Avatar premiered tonight in London and apparently nearly everyone loved it. Twitter is aflutter with first impressions and even Drudge’s main headline proclaims the film is “Oscar Bound.” But here’s the thing. Don’t read the early reviews. Just know that so far it’s living up to its $237 million expectation. The last thing you need to do is go read one of… Read More

  • 10 minutes of Avatar footage for your viewing pleasure

    James Cameron’s Avatar looks like it will be a fascinating film and this behind the scenes video really gives a good look at the technology behind it. It’s 10 minutes long, but worth it. I’m actually getting excited about this one. Read More

  • New Japanese Avatar trailer features new scenes

    Reactions to John Cameron’s next big movie Avatar, scheduled for release (almost) worldwide on December 18, can be called mixed at best. We’ve shown you two trailers already, and now Japan gets a third one with a handful of scenes not seen before. Read More

  • New "Avatar" trailer continues to not impress

    I had high hopes for “Avatar.” I’ve seen James Cameron talking about it twice, and interviewed one of the motion capture artists, Reuben Langdon. But what I’m seeing in this trailer is a jumble of cliches and unconvincing, at least on the small screen, CG effects. Why they picked electric blue cat-people instead of some truly alien species is a mystery to me; with a… Read More

  • Avatar toys go augmented-reality, courtesy of Mattel and Total Immersion

    This is a crazy fun demo of the new Avatar toys by Mattel. Each toy includes a little card that is scannable via webcam and creates an on-screen augmented reality robot or character. While this is old hat for most of us, Mattel is quite proud of being ahead of the curve and for good reason. You can see more demos at AvatarItag.com. Total Immersion made the technology and even added a… Read More

  • Video: Panasonic commercial shows new "Avatar" footage (kind of)

    The official trailer for Avatar, James Cameron’s new (and supposedly groundbreaking) Sci-Fi movie, came out just last month, and now Panasonic is showing a TV spot promoting their Viera TVs and the movie on Japanese television. The commercial, which is currently in heavy rotation on TV over here, shows some very brief new scenes from Avatar (which is due out in both the US and Japan… Read More

  • Avatar gameplay on in Philips 3D

    So I’m up in the air about 3D. As you see from this video gameplay in 3D is horrible for people not wearing 3D glasses so you’re basically cutting yourself off from anyone who wants to watch you game. That said, 3D in games looks pretty amazing. This footage from Avatar – looks like a run and gun – includes some commentary by the folks playing the game. Read More

  • The first Avatar trailer is here (update: American version)

    James Cameron’s highly anticipated Sci-Fi movie Avatar (to be released on December 18) has been getting a lot of hype in the last few months, and now Fox gives us the trailer for the movie. But judging from this 2-minute teaser trailer, Avatar will look pretty cartoony/video game-ish (this is my impression at least). Read More

  • Microsoft releases winter collection of clothing for your avatar

    I’m not at home to provide a screenshot of the first batch of DLC for your avatars, but I doubt anyone is thrilled over this announcement anyway. New items in the avatar editor are denoted by a gold star. Enjoy! Read More