av bank

  • AV Bank Dodeka: Thanko's pretty decent looking 7-inch media player

    Tokyo-based crap USB gadget vendor Thanko does roll out devices from time to time that are not that crappy. And their so-called AV Bank Dodeka [JP], a media player that boasts a 7-inch screen (iPhone: 3.5 inches), seems to be one of those. It’s a major upgrade to the AV Bank Thanko started selling just last month. The Dodeka’s LTPS screen has a 800×480 resolution and can double as… Read More

  • Thanko sells inexpensive portable media player (but closed the English store)

    Following the GPS watch introduced last week, Tokyo-based USB gadget maker Thanko is selling another product that actually makes sense. The so-called AV Bank [JP] is being marketed as a versatile media player that can be used as a music player, photo frame, video player and voice recorder. And it’s relatively cheap, too. Read More