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Facing roadblocks, China’s robotaxi darlings apply the brakes

A few years ago, robotaxis were the darlings of venture capitalists in China. A cadre of audacious startups, including,, and Momenta reeled in hundreds of millions of do

Your robotaxi ride in China is monitored – with video and audio recordings

When it comes to spurring the development of cutting-edge technologies, the Chinese government is rather pragmatic in its policymaking process. In the field of autonomous driving, the country has made

China’s WeRide tests autonomous buses in Singapore, accelerates global ambition

After years of aggressive expansion at home, China’s autonomous vehicle upstarts are now setting their gaze on overseas markets. WeRide, in particular, has been on a licensing spree. On Monday,

Nvidia taps China talent for autonomous driving endeavors

Nvidia has long been involved in the development of autonomous vehicle technologies, providing the industry with graphic processing units that can perform millions of calculations simultaneously. Now

Ghost, now OpenAI-backed, claims LLMs will overcome self-driving setbacks — but experts are skeptical

It’s not hyperbolic to say that the self-driving car industry is facing a reckoning. Just this week, Cruise recalled its entire fleet of autonomous cars after a grisly accident involving a pedes

XPeng starts removing HD maps from Tesla FSD-like feature in China

XPeng is often called the Chinese challenger to Tesla for its efforts to bring advanced driving capabilities to its electric vehicles. It’s now getting a step closer to its American counterpart

Didi’s autonomous vehicle arm raises $149M from state investors

When Didi created an autonomous vehicle subsidiary in 2020, the venture was seen as a Chinese counterpart to Uber’s AV unit. The tides of change have since swept across China’s tech landsc

Alibaba-backed autonomous driving darling Deeproute sets sight on Europe carmakers, the Shenzhen-headquartered robotaxi startup with $350 million in funding and over 500 employees worldwide, is aiming to open an operations center in Germany in 2024. The move will make

Altos challenges lidar’s dominance in autonomous driving with 4D image radar

As lidar technology becomes the industry standard in powering autonomous vehicles, a young startup called Altos Radar is stepping up to challenge the light-based remote sensing technology with 4D mill

Tesla rival XPeng’s head of autonomous driving quits, rumored to join Nvidia

XPeng, a prominent Chinese electric vehicle maker and a competitor to Tesla, has announced the resignation of its vice president of autonomous driving, Xinzhou Wu, over personal and family reasons. Wu

China’s Didi to dispatch robotaxis 24/7 in 2025, announces trucking service

China’s ride-hailing giant Didi is back in public view after two years of staying low amid a regulatory crackdown. The SoftBank-backed company announced Friday at a company open day a series of

China’s robotaxi upstart WeRide confidentially files for IPO, one of the most funded Chinese robotaxi operators, has confidentially filed to go public in the U.S., Bloomberg reported on Monday. The company declined to comment when reached by TechCrunc

Ford forms automated driving subsidiary from Argo AI’s remains

Ford has launched a wholly owned subsidiary — staffed by hundreds of former employees of Argo AI — that will initially focus on commercializing a hands-free, eyes-off driver-assistance system. The

Amid merger and bankruptcy in the West, lidar maker Hesai nails $190M IPO

Last week, China’s lidar maker Hesai raised an upsized IPO in the U.S. at a time the industry is reeling from layoffs, bankruptcy and consolidation. The Shanghai- and California-based company, w

Oxbotica raises $140M more as its B2B autonomous vehicle platform gains ground

Activity in the self-driving car industry, frenetic for years, has somewhat stalled in more recent times, but a handful of the most promising companies are continuing to see their businesses grow and

Baidu starts offering nighttime driverless taxis in China

Baidu, the Chinese internet giant that became known for its search engines, is making some big strides in autonomous driving. Starting this week, the public can ride its robotaxis in Wuhan between 7 a

Parallel Domain says autonomous driving won’t scale without synthetic data

Achieving autonomous driving safely requires near endless hours of training software on every situation that could possibly arise before putting a vehicle on the road. Historically, autonomy companies

Hyundai and WeRide plan to fuel self-driving with hydrogen in China

While hydrogen is still relatively niched as a fuel for electric vehicles, a startup in China is jumping ahead to embrace it for autonomous driving scenarios. WeRide, one of the most funded robotaxi o

Volkswagen to plough €2.4B into vehicle automation in China and form JV with Horizon Robotics

Volkswagen is accelerating the pace to automate its electric vehicles for Chinese customers. CARIAD, a wholly owned automotive software company of the German auto behemoth, intends to set up a joint v

Innoviz lidar will be on all VW vehicles with automated driving capabilities

Israeli lidar startup Innoviz will supply its lidar sensors and perception software to all vehicles with automated driving capabilities within Volkswagen group brands, the company said Tuesday. Innovi
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