The other DWI: Driving while immersed

I believe that putting virtual reality headsets in cars will kill people. VR is the most distracting medium ever invented.

Legendary car designer and Stellantis Design Chief Ralph Gilles to speak at TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility

Ralph Gilles started at Chrysler in 1992, and he’s still with the company as the chief design officer at the newly formed conglomerate, Stellantis. His design resume is legendary: The Chrysler 300C,

Electric vehicle startup Nio lays off 141 employees at its North American headquarters

Electric vehicle startup Nio is laying off 141 people at its North American headquarters. According to a filing from Employment Development Department of California, the employees at Nio’s San J

Cubic Telecom gets $46.5M to connect cars and other devices globally

As automakers ramp up their connected car initiatives, a company that has built a solution to link vehicles up to mobile networks globally has raised a significant round of funding from a group of inv

An Inside Look At Car Marketplace Shift And Its Plans For Major Growth, Starting With D.C.

If you’ve ever tried to sell a used car you know it’s a process. You either haggle low-ball offers at the dealership or wade through Craigslist emails with the hope that a possible buyer a

Why The Car Industry Needs To Rethink The Dashboard User Interface Design

While at the San Francisco Auto Show last year, I wondered why car dashboards were so wrong? Every car -- regardless of category or price -- had the same mess of dials, buttons, lights and screens sur

Business Models For Cars Need To Evolve Beyond Ownership

A host of new car-sharing and ride-hailing services have chipped away at the landscape of car ownership over the past several years. AlixPartners, a global advisory firm, estimates that car-sharing se

Meet Kubo, The Crowdfunded Electric Cargo Scooter Made By Lit Motors

<a target="_blank" href="">Lit Motors</a>, the electric car startup that launched last year with its <a href="

GM to start using green refrigerant in 2013

The refrigerant that we use in our automobiles are some of the most environmentally unfriendly chemicals that we produce. The change to R-134a helped, but unfortunately that gas has a life of 13 years

The most ridiculous cars of CES [gallery]

<img src="">I decided to take a gander through the car audio section of the show and was met with quite possibly some of the most grand

Car? Kids? Get a two-pack of headrest LCDs for $130

<img src="" alt="headrests" />Dude. Sweet. I don't have kids, let alone anyone who really ever rides in the back seat of the car but if I

Tesla to open seven new dealerships this summer

<img src="" alt="tesla" />Looking to take a Tesla electric car for a spin, are ya? Lucky you, as the company will be opening

Storm Chasing: A look inside the TIV-2

Jalopnik has a pretty extensive photo gallery of the second-generation Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) from Discovery’s Storm Chasers series. For the uninitiated, the tank-like TIV is able to drive

Windshield defroster with built-in timer

If you live in a place that gets dead-ass cold in winter, I can tell you first-hand that there’s pretty much no better way to spend $200-$300 than on a remote car starter (if you can install it your

Ford's new dash HUD: very cool

Considering the very nature of vehicular transport is changing, it stands to reason that the all-important cluster of gauges and warning lights ought to change as well. And nothing’s more versat

All-electric concept Porsche-alike: the E-Ruf

I suppose everybody’s doing it. It’s actually strange that Porsche hasn’t net; the eventual replacement of the internal combustion engine is all but certain, and they’ve spent

London taxis going electrical, old sport, didn't you know?

The iconic TX4 taxis that crowd the streets of London are going to be getting an overhaul. In the interest of reducing costs, improving air quality, and replacing the aging fleet, they’ll be int

Remote-controlled hand gesture sign is seven gestures of electro-luminescent awesomeness

If this thing doesn’t make Time’s Best Inventions Of The Year list, I’m gonna burn this place to the ground. It’s right up there with the worms-to-ex-girlfriends pill from Brai

CrunchGear's own John "Sensible" Biggs makes the "What Do The Top Bloggers Drive?" list

I’ve known John for a long, long time (7 months online, first met in real life in October) and he’s, refreshingly, not a very flashy person in light of what he’s accomplished as a se

Chicago being sued for automobile cell phone ban

An attorney who’s sued the city of Chicago over 100 times is at it again. This time he wants the city to stop ticketing people for talking on their cell phones while driving and he wants anyone
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