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Root Insurance launches a new car insurance company

Alexander Timm has been working in the insurance industry since he was 14. While that’s strange enough, what’s even weirder is that Timm really loves the work. He’s so enamored of th

Snapsheet raises $20 million for app to help drivers file claims after a crash

A Chicago-based startup called Snapsheet has raised a Series C round of $20 million to make life easier for people who have been through a car crash. The company’s cloud-based software is used by au

The case of alpha business models and beta technology

Allstate is on a mission to vertically develop its telematics expertise and find new sources of revenue across different sectors by launching a new standalone unit called Arity (dedicated to data coll

The new, scary face of auto insurance

Self-driving cars may never reach accessible autonomy and might only be an add-on feature. It is very likely that the driver will still be liable for the actions of their vehicles. This means that dri

Are consumers, automakers and insurers really ready for self-driving cars?

Since news broke of the fatal accident involving a Tesla Model S that was on “Autopilot,” the media and various experts have been locked in high-speed Socratic dialogs on the pros and cons of self

The Zebra, A “Kayak For Auto Insurance,” Grabs $17 Million To Better Educate Drivers About Rates & Coverage

Austin-based The Zebra, a startup that’s something of a “Kayak for auto insurance,” has been working to bring the process of shopping for insurance online, where consumers can more t

Insurance Zebra Raises $1.5 Million From Mark Cuban, Floodgate, Silverton & Birchmere To Be The Kayak For Auto Insurance

Pittsburgh-born, but now Austin-based <a target="_blank" href="">Insurance Zebra</a>, a startup that aggregates car insurance quotes the way that Kayak aggregates flight