Twilio says breach also compromised Authy two-factor app users

U.S. messaging giant Twilio has confirmed hackers also compromised the accounts of some Authy users as part of a wider breach of Twilio’s systems. Authy is Twilio’s two-factor authentication (

When two-factor authentication app Clef shuts down in June, its staff will join Authy

lef was a mobile authentication app that I chose for increasing my own WordPress security when I started blogging years ago — as did a million other sites. However, the app is officially and unexp

Authy Launches Simplified Two-Factor Authentication

Authy, the two-factor authentication startup recently acquired by Twilio, announced its newest product at its parent company's Signal developer conference today. Authy's new OneTouch authentication

Twilio Acquires Two-Factor Authentication Service Authy

Twilio today announced that it has acquired Authy, a Y Combinator-backed startup that offers two-factor authentication services to end users, developers and enterprises. The two companies declined to

Authy Raises $2.3M To Help Prevent The Next Celebrity Hack

Hacking into poorly secured online accounts isn't all that hard, as a few celebrities found out this week. One of the easiest ways to secure your accounts is by using two-factor authentication so that

Authy Brings Two-Factor Authentication To The Desktop

When you use two-factor authentication, chances are you are getting your second factor from a mobile phone app like Google Authenticator or Authy. This makes sense, given that you want to ensure that

Authy Now Lets You Use Its Two-Factor Authentication System On Multiple Devices

Two-factor authentication is one of the most effective ways to keep your accounts safe, but it also means that if you ever lose your phone and don’t have access to a backup code, you won’t

Authy Brings Two-Factor Authentication To Self-Hosted WordPress Sites (Updated)

If you run your own WordPress site, chances are you are using a pretty secure password to keep hackers from posting random stories to your blog. Still, even the best password isn't as good as using Gm

CloudFlare Now Uses Authy’s Two-Factor Authentication To Keep Its Users Safe

CloudFlare, the popular website security and CDN service, suffered an embarrassing security breach earlier this year when the company's CEO's Gmail account was hijacked, giving the hacktivist group UG

Y Combinator Backed Startup Authy Wants To Help You Prevent A Dropbox Style Security SNAFU

In response to a security breach, <a href="">Dropbox promised to add</a> an optional new layer o