• Facebook must remove hate speech posts, Austrian court rules

    Facebook must remove hate speech posts, Austrian court rules

    More bad news for Facebook on the content front: An Austrian court has ruled the company must remove posts deemed to be hate speech, Reuters reports. The case was brought last year by Austria’s Green party over what it argued were defamatory insults to its leader posted to Facebook by a fake account. Read More

  • This smart sock adds sensations to prosthetic limbs

    This smart sock adds sensations to prosthetic limbs

    The future of prosthetics is fast arriving, with 3D-printed construction, advanced materials and embedded sensors replacing the unadorned wood and plastic of yore. But like the rest of the future, it’s not equally distributed. In order to bridge the gap for users who can’t afford or get at these fancy new prostheses, researchers propose smartening up dumb prosthetics with… Read More

  • Amazon Prime Air opens Austrian outpost with focus on sense-and-avoid tech

    Amazon Prime Air opens Austrian outpost with focus on sense-and-avoid tech

    As first reported by the Verge, Amazon today announced that it is opening a new development center for its Prime Air drone delivery program in Graz, Austria. This new team will focus on “sense-and-avoid” technologies for drones. The team in Austria will augment Amazon’s existing Prime Air development locations in the U.K., North America and Israel. Sense-and-avoid is maybe one… Read More

  • Austrian jobs platform aims to connect refugees and employers

    Austrian jobs platform aims to connect refugees and employers

    Europe’s refugee crisis is proving all but impossible for the region’s politicians to tackle without being sucked into an inglorious mire of prejudice — leaving desperate people fleeing conflict-torn countries to be shunted towards the margins or even sent back to the places they were fleeing in the first place. Read More

  • Facebook ‘Class Action’ Privacy Lawsuit Moves To Austrian Supreme Court

    Facebook ‘Class Action’ Privacy Lawsuit Moves To Austrian Supreme Court

    A privacy lawsuit filed against Facebook last year by Viennese lawyer and data privacy activist Max Schrems has moved up to Austria’s Supreme Court which will rule on whether the suit can be treated as a class action. Read More

  • How publishers are trying to kill off publicly-owned tech media outlets

    It’s a trend that is highly unlikely to happen in the US due to its ubiquitous privatization of, well, everything. However in good old Europe, where control of the media is often under the hood of governmental institutions such as the BBC in the UK, or ARD in Germany, on the one hand, and in the hands of private media companies on the other, problems can arise. More recently this has… Read More

  • 123sonography launches e-learning platform for physicians

    Aside from the plethora of startups targeting web-savvy end-consumers, there’s also little known companies that are equally relevant in their particular niche. And whenever there are entrepreneurs building ideas they often (or ideally) do this out of a desire to scratch a personal itch, as is the case of 123sonography, which provides a comprehensive e-learning experience for physicians and… Read More

  • launches as a fashion game changer

    Garmz, a fashion startup that just launched in public beta after months of preparation, aims to change how fashion is being produced and distributed from the ground up. Besides having a nicely designed User interface, the startup wants to disrupt current models of the fashion industry. Young aspiring fashion designers mostly lack adequate outlets for their work and creativity. As in every… Read More

  • Flimmit relaunches as extensive film search engine

    Flimmit, an Austrian online movie service, which initially started off as a “Voddler for the GSA region” recently relaunched their entire product. The company now offers an extensiv library of US and European movies, with the availability to stream or download them. When Flimmit launched more than a year ago, it had contracted with various local film distributors to license… Read More

  • Tupalo closes second round funding and goes mobile, a Vienna based social yellow pages Startup, and a european competitor to Qype, has raised an undiclosed second round from Austria’s leading yellow pages publisher Herold took a 24% stake in Tupalo back in 2009, and since then provided the startup with business listing’s data from Austria. The new funding is primarly going to be used for creating premium… Read More

  • T-Mobile Austria confirms 3G iPhone, 3 models in the works

    T-Mobile Austria made an announcement earlier today that they would soon be getting a UMTS version of the iPhone, putting them on a short list of countries to get the 3G version. The previous rumors of multiple iPhone models is being backed up by another article posted by derStandard. The translation is obviously lax, but what I’ve been able to glean is that an announcement will be made… Read More

  • Vienna latest city to ban cell use on trains

    For awhile I live in Olympia, WA, and commuted to Seattle every day. I know, I’m an idiot, but I did it the smart way and took public transit. One leg of my daily trip involved a train ride, and the last car in the train was a designated “No Cell” car; phones off, no calls, no texts. I never went near it, but I can understand the sentiment. Austria, too, is getting in on the… Read More

  • iPhone now in Austria, Ireland: T-Mo, O2 rubbing hands together

    [photopress:iphoneaustria.jpg,full,center] The iPhone is now on sale in Austria. Married to T-Mobile, Apple’s smartphone comes in two configurations, a 399 euro 8GB model and a 499 16GB model. That’s double the storage capacity for 25 percent more cash. You should note that there’s no unlimited data plan. For 39 euros per month, you’ll get 3GB data transfer and 1,000… Read More