• IntoNow Can Hear What You're Watching On TV. The Media Check-In Game Just Changed.

    IntoNow Can Hear What You're Watching On TV. The Media Check-In Game Just Changed.

    “The problem was that no one wanted to type in the bar they were at,” Adam Cahan told us when we met with him last week to see his latest venture, IntoNow. He wasn’t talking about his startup. Instead, he was talking about Dodgeball, the location-based service that came well before Foursquare. That is, he was describing why Foursquare took off while Dodgeball didn’t… Read More

  • Video Monetization Startup Auditude Gains $11 Million In Funding, New CEO

    Auditude, a video management and monetization technology provider, has raised $11 million in second-round funding from Granite Ventures, Greylock Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank. In addition, the company this morning announced that it has appointed Jeremy Helfand, former president of United Online Media Group and senior executive, as its new CEO. Read More

  • The Year In Online Video Deals And What To Expect In 2011

    With the recent rumor that Google’s YouTube unit was looking at acquiring video content company Next New Networks, it’s clear that anything can happen in the rapidly growing online video space.  While some are shocked to see that Google may cross over and own content, the rumor does sound plausible. Loaded with nearly $25M in venture financing, it’s not quite the initial… Read More

  • Breaking Down The Election Season Minute-By-Minute

    Now that the election is over there is going to be no shortage of punditry looking to pinpoint exactly what moments in the last 18 months contributed to Barack Obama’s victory over John McCain. No one is better equipped for this analysis than Auditude, the video fingerprinting company that was recently employed to power part of MySpace’s video platform.
    Using a database… Read More

  • MySpace, Auditude, And MTV Have Just Figured Out How To Monetize Online Video

    Since YouTube heralded the era of user-uploaded videos, media corporations have been fighting a hopeless battle to regain control of their content, sending out endless waves of DMCA notices in a vain attempt to take down countless clips scattered across the web. In the last year sites like Hulu have made progress – it’s finally possible to legally embed a clip of The Office in… Read More