• Not Disruptive Enough: Audioo Up For Sale

    Audioo launched (or rather, relaunched) as a sort of “Blippy for voicemail” at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York earlier this year. Basically,the idea was for the site to grow into a massive database of transcribed voicemails, amusing prank calls, 911 calls and other voice recordings. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much of a disruptive business idea, and the site… Read More

  • A "Blippy For Voicemail," Audioo Is A Fun Privacy Disaster Waiting To Happen

    Audioo bills itself as the “Blippy for Voicemail”. As you’re probably aware, Blippy lets users share information that’s considered to be really private by most people (credit card transactions) with others – and sometimes, much more than just transactions. Audioo basically lets you do the same thing, but with voice mails. Read More