Audio Technica

  • Audio-Technica Rolls Out A Line Of Noise Canceling Headphones

    Need some noise canceling headphones? Sure, we all do. That’s why Audio-Technica is selling these QuietPoint active noise-canceling headphones that range from $220 to $79 for the lowest-end model. The best thing? They keep working even if the battery is dead, so you can still listen to music albeit in non-noise-canceled mode. All models run on one AAA battery. Read More

  • Audio-Technica Releasing Sub-$100 Noise Canceling Headphones

    Good news for the budget minded out there, Audio-Technica is releasing two new headphone models, both with active noise canceling, and both for under $100. Both models come with a detachable cord that allows you to turn them into wireless headphones, and the audio will work even if the battery runs down on the noise cancellation feature. Read More

  • Bijoué: Audio Technica’s diamond-shaped speakers

    Audio-Technica today in Japan announced [JP] diamond-shaped portable speakers, dubbed Bijoué/AT-SPF30, which are especially geared towards female users. Technically, the speakers aren’t special: you’ll get 600mW/φ28mm full range speakers running on two AAA batteries for 33 hours continuously. Read More

  • Audio-Technica launches new noise-cancelling headphones

    Audio-Technica announced a new pair of active noise canceling headphones today; the ATH-ANC1 QuietPoint. Designed to absorb 85% of ambient noise, the new headphones are intended for use in airplanes or while traveling. Read More

  • Audio-Technica releases triple driver-equipped earphones

    Hot on the heals of new high-end headphones, Audio Technica is also releasing the triple driver ATH-CK100 earphones. Allegedly, these are the smallest such earphones on the market and are housed within a titanium case. Hopefully the 20Hz-18kHz at 23Ω specs justify the ¥56,700 ($561 USD) price though. Too rich for your blood? Me too. Read More

  • Audio Technica spins out two new high-end headphones

    Audio Technica is dropping a pair of high-end headphones aimed at audiophiles critical ears. The ATH-A1000X (left) sports a 53mm driver with a frequency response of 5Hz-42kHz at an impedance of 42Ω. The slightly high-end ATH-A2000X (right) share a similar aluminum housing and a 53mm driver, but carries not only a higher price tag, but also a frequency response range of 5Hz-45kHz. The… Read More

  • Review: Audio Technica ATH-ANC3 QuietPoint noise-canceling in-ear headphones

    The ATH-ANC3 noise-canceling headphones from Audio Technica feature make for great travel companions thanks to active noise cancellation, which basically entails using built-in microphones to take an audio sample of surrounding ambient noise and then creating the exact opposite noise to cancel the ambient noise out. Sound amazing? It is! So how well does it work on such a tiny pair of headphones? Read More