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<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">Wiimbledon</a> is days away and we've got a ton of grea

Wendy's is giving out free stuff like Xboxes, cars, laptops and HDTVs

<img src="" />Wendy's, yeah the fast food chain that claims to be "waaaay better than fast food," is having a promotion. They're run

Google accused of 'gaming' last month's spectrum auction

So a Michigan congressman is accusing Google of “gaming” last month’s spectrum auction. The congressman, Michigan’s Fred Upton, who is a Republican, says Google bid just enough

How does AT&T feel about the FCC auction results?

Earlier today the FCC announced the winners of the 700MHz auction and AT&T swooped up the B-block in case you were wondering about the image. Instead of AT&T’s logo I decided to give you

700MHz spectrum auction is now over

Well, the largest and most lucrative airwaves auction in the history of the US is now over with bids totaling up to $19.6 billion, but the FCC has its lips sealed (for once) on the 1,099 license winne

FCC Spectrum Block 4.6Billion reserve met L@@K

The big auction is in full swing, and the anonymous bids are flowing in. After two weeks of bidding, the FCC is set to receive more than $12 billion for the various blocks of spectrum, with the valuab

Get out your piggy banks; the FCC spectrum auction starts thursday

The big day is almost here! All the heavy tele-hitters will be making offers on the chunk of wireless spectrum being made available by the FCC. There are 5 blocks, A through E. A and B are regional an

WSJ: Google to announce wireless spectrum bid today

Google could announce its intention to bid on that sweet, unused spectrum as early as later today, according to the WSJ. We’ve all pretty much assumed Google was going to do so, especially in li

Have A Million Bucks? Buy Some Anti-Piracy Technology On eBay!

In a rather odd move not normally seen in the business world, anti-piracy company ViralG has put some of its technology up on the digital auction block. For $1 million, you can acquire all of the pate