• IS03: Sharp's New Android Phone Boasts Impressive Specs (Video)

    It took Japan’s handset makers and carriers a while, but interest in Android is picking up steam over here. Sharp, for example, announced two Android tablets for release later this year just last week. Earlier this year, the same company presented the IS01 (full details), an Android-based smartbook distributed by Japan’s No. 2 mobile carrier, KDDI au. And today both companies… Read More

  • Photo gallery: Japan's KDDI shows summer cell phone line-up

    Japan’s second biggest mobile company KDDI today unveiled [JP] the 10 cell phones of their new line-up for this summer. The first of these models, the majority of which are waterproof (which seems to indicate a new trend in Japan’s cell phone industry), will be rolled out in Japan as early as at the end of this month. Here’s the complete line-up. Read More

  • KDDI au unveils spring cell phone line-up (photo gallery)

    Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au today presented their new cell phones [JP] for this spring. The first handsets will be available in Nippon on Saturday. And they have a few spectacular models to offer – if only the Japanese carriers did what they promised a few months back (large-scale internationalization due to a shrinking home market), everyone could get… Read More

  • Japan’s super-advanced mobile web: Too unique to serve as a global blueprint?

    Over one billion cell phones have been sold worldwide in the last year, but in the US or Europe, the mobile Internet is still catching on relatively slowly. There even was a heated debate in the blogosphere just recently whether the mobile web has a future at all. However, this has never been a question in one specific region of the world: In Japan, since 2006 more people have been accessing… Read More