• Root.Net's "Lead" Market

    I’m intruiged by Seth Goldstein’s, the first commercial application of the Attention Trust platform (see my Attention Trust posts here and here). Seth wrote a lengthy and descriptive post outlining the service for all participants on Transparent Bundles. The core service leverages the Attention Trust Recorder, which can be installed by an internet user (currently… Read More

  • More Details on Attention Trust

    I’m sitting in the Attention Trust public board meeting at the Web 2.0 conference and getting more details on their announcements discussed below. Everything is centered around the Attention Trust Recorder Firefox extension (they’re calling it ATX). Once installed, if you turn it on, it monitors your click stream. ATX also tells you if the site you are on is Attention Trust… Read More

  • Attention Trust Recorder

    AttentionTrust (profile) announced a number of updates to its service today. The underlying philosophy of this nonprofit corporation is described in Seth GoldStein and Greg Yardley’s post on the Attention Trust blog. In addition to a new look and feel to the site, AttentionTrust has also releaseed the Attention Trust Recorder, a Firefox extension that records your browsing history and… Read More

  • Update – AttentionTrust

    AttentionTrust (TechCrunch Profile) has started to approve websites, and Steve was nice enough to send our’s today. Your application for the AttentionTrust has been accepted. Your name will now appear on the list of supporters on Please use the HTML code below to display the AttentionTrust badge on your… Read More

  • Profile – AttentionTrust

    Update: For an excellent writeup of Attention Trust, see Seth Goldstein’s essay here. Company: AttentionTrust Launched: Today (I believe) What is it? Attention Trust is a project led by Steve Gillmor and others that is the next evolution of his Attention idea. It is a “A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the basic rights of attention owners”. From a post by… Read More