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AT&T Opens A Swanky 10,000 Sq. Ft. Flagship Store In Chi-Town

Today, <a target="_blank" href="">AT&T</a> opened up its 10,000 square foot flagship retail store on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. It's a bit of a beast,

Slow Clap: AT&T Wireless Stops Selling Tablets With Subsidized Pricing

AT&T Wireless no longer sells tablets with a long-term contact. This is great news and comes by way of <a target="_blank" href="

AT&T gets into the femtocell game with 3G MicroCell

Following on the heels of Sprint and Verizon, AT&T is set to launch its own femtocell –  3G MicroCell – giving its customers (who pay for a 3G MicroCell plan) unlimited minutes while

10 TV Channels from AT&T

This Sunday, AT&T will launch a new video service that will allow select handsets carry 10 television channels for a fee of $15 a month. The service, called AT&T Mobile TV, is an attempt by th

AT&T and T-Mobile Return Fire: Sprint Takes Aim

MobileCrunch reported yesterday that Verizon’s new unlimited calling plan could start a price war in the U.S. mobile market. Hours after the announcement by Verizon Wireless, both AT&T and T-Mob

Starbucks to offer Wi-Fi with AT&T

This spring Starbucks will brew up a mix of free and paid wireless Internet service in more than 7,000 of its U.S. coffee shops this spring. The new service will be done in tandem with AT&T, which

AT&T Posts Strong Fourth Quarter Wireless Growth

AT&T announced today stronger-than-expected wireless growth in the fourth quarter. Investors were concerned that a slowdown in the U.S. economy would hurt the company’s subscriber growth. But AT

AdME Let’s You Become a GuitarStar

Music-based games are all the rage on the latest video game consoles, and now they’re about to invade the mobile gaming platform. AdME, a provider of music-driven entertainment products, announced t

New Pantech C150 Mobile Phone Available Today

Starting today, AT&T customers will be able to purchase the Pantech C150 camera phone. For what it’s worth, the C150 was a recipient of “a 2006 iF design award for international excell

Space Shuttle Launch on Mobile, Like Watching Paint Dry?

On July 20, 1969, the country paused to watch the first man walk on the moon. Just under 40 years later, and the space shuttle launch raises little more attention than a regularly scheduled flight on

The Ogo Lives On!

If you were to ask me what a 7-11 and a failed communication device have in common, I’d say the Ogo from back in the day. Though it never quite caught on here, the Ogo lives on in the palms of o