• Full Circle: Boxee Brings OTA HDTV And Basic Cable To The Boxee Box

    Full Circle: Boxee Brings OTA HDTV And Basic Cable To The Boxee Box

    Boxee just reinvented the box. The Boxee Box is no longer just a media streamer, thanks to the just-released Boxee Live TV. The little USB ATSC tuner integrates OTA HDTV and basic cable seamlessly into the Boxee Box’s menu system, and I found it’s as wonderful as it sounds. The little box is now the cord cutter’s best friend (if it wasn’t already). Read More

  • Elgato intros the inexpensive EyeTV One ATSC TV tuner

    There simply isn’t that many easy ways to get live OTA HDTV on your computer while there is a ton and a half available for the now-defunct analog signals. But Elgato just announced the low-cost — and low feature — EyeTV One ATSC TV Tuner that brings one more solution to the table. Don’t run over to Amazon and buy this Windows and OS X device just yet. You might not want… Read More

  • Mobile Digital TV Standard Adopted in the U.S.A.

    Late last night, around midnight if you really must know, the ATSC (aka the Advanced Television Systems Committee) ratified the A/153 ATSC Mobile DTV Standard which “defines the technical specifications necessary for broadcasters to provide new services to mobile and handheld devices using their digital television (DTV) transmissions.” In other words, digital TV will soon be playing… Read More

  • Finally, a portable ATSC tuner, now if it will only work well

    Expect to starting seeing ATSC tuners in notebooks, netbooks, and UMPCs soon. MaxLinear and Hauppauge Digital are working on a minicard that should tune in ATSC, QAM, DVB-T, DVB-H, and DTMB signals. The small card also consumes 50% less power than other tuner cards, and the small size means that it can make its way into more packages. Sounds great, right? I’m just doubtful that it will… Read More

  • Review: DTVPal digital tuner

    The February 17th, 2009 analog shutoff marks the beginning of the digital age here in America and digital tuners, such as the DTVPal, are going to become a staple in many American households. Thankfully, Congress allocated $140 million to alleviate the personal cost of these boxes, by allowing two, $40 coupons per household. This should cover most, if not all, of the retail price. The DTVPal… Read More

  • Wireless ATSC-equipped TVs coming from Epoq

    Now that the digital transition is just months away, and already happened in some parts, analog, handheld TVs are going to stop working. You know, the type of TVs you used to sneak into church overnighters and ‘hunting trips.’ Epoq is here to make sure that you can continue to see the game even if you’re in the middle of the lake ‘fishing’ with these three… Read More