• Elfoid: Creepy Robot Cell Phone (Video)

    When it comes to bizarre robots, you can always count on Hiroshi Ishiguro: the so-called Elfoid [JP], a mix between mini humanoid, telepresence robot and cell phone, isn’t exactly made by him but based on his Telenoid robot from last year. Developed by Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR), the Elfoid phone is supposed to make remote communication more… Read More

  • Video: Robovie-R Ver. 3 to start supporting the elderly in November

    The Robovie-R Ver.3, an advanced service humanoid jointly made by major Japanese robot maker Vstone and Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR), has a lot going for it. The 120cm robot can understand and answer questions, he can serve as a guide for humans (he “walks” at about 2.5km/h), he’s cute, and he’s touch sensitive (through a total… Read More

  • Robovie-X: New glove-controlled, ambidextrous humanoid

    Japan-based Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and robot venture Vstone have announced the joint development of a mini humanoid [JP] that’s able to handle objects dexterously through a remote control. The so-called Robovie-PC is already on sale in Japan and costs $4,500. Read More

  • New technology to one day record your dreams, read your minds

    ATR, a research institute based in Kyoto, Japan, has developed a technology that is supposed to record dreams and thoughts and turn them into images. The subject’s brain is scanned with MRI scanners while looking at still images showing simple figures and letters in black, white and grey. The system then tries to reproduce what the subject sees visually. Read More

  • Humans can now control robots by thoughts alone (video)

    Honda today announced a “brain machine interface” (press release in English), which makes it possible for human beings to control robots by thought and does away with all the button pressing and joystick holding that usually gets on our nerves when we control our robots. The technology was developed jointly with Japanese tech company Shimadzu and Tokyo-based research institute ATR. Read More