GitHub’s Atom Text Editor Hits 1.0, Now Has Over 350,000 Monthly Active Users

GitHub's highly extensible Atom text editor hit 1.0 today. The editor release has only been available to the public for about a year now, but it has already been downloaded over 1.3 million times and

GitHub Open Sources Its Atom Text Editor

Earlier this year, GitHub launched a private beta of its easily expandable Atom text editor. At the time, it open-sourced 80 of the editor's libraries and packages, but the editor itself remained clos

Intel’s Dual-Core CloverTrail+ Atom Z2580 Impresses, But Likely Won’t Be Intel’s Smartphone Savior

Intel officially launched its new dual-core "CloverTrail+" Atom system-on-a-chip today at MWC in Barcelona. The CloverTrail+ is a direct successor to Intel's first smartphone SoC, Medfield, but gets i

Intel Intros The Atom Z2420 Lexington Mobile Processor Aimed At Emerging Markets

Intel is ready to chip away at Qualcomm's dominance in the smartphone arena. Today at the company's CES Press conference, the company introduced the Atom Z2420 mobile processor, codenamed Lexington, w

Samsung's "Alex" Is A ChromeOS Netbook With Atom N550

<img src="" /> We've been looking for <a HREF="">ChromeOS</a> to hit the shelves for a few mon

Innoversal Lattice Tablet gets its Pixel Qi touched

<img src="" /><a href="">Pixel Qi</a>. If you haven’t heard of them, you will. Everyone wil

The netbook, she is dying

Dear people who yelled at me when I said netbooks were garbage: I was right. IDC is reporting that sales of netbooks running the Atom platform are flat. Why? Well, first off people have a little cash

Intel expected to announce Atom N470 on Monday

<img src="" alt="" />Oh boy, Monday can't come soon enough. That’s when Intel’s expected to announce its N470 Atom CPU, according to CN

No worries, OS 10.6.2 does not kill Atom support

The Hackintosh community can let out one big sigh of relief now. The latest build of OS 10.6.2 (10C535) supports the Intel Atom platform unlike the previous version that caused so much panic and conce

Rumor: Intel Atom N450 (Pine Trail) to launch on January 3rd?

<img src="" />Fudzilla is reporting that Intel's new Atom N450 chipset – codenamed Pine Trail (<a href="

Looks like it’s Splitsville for NVIDIA and Intel

<img src="" alt="ion" />That NVIDIA and Intel <a href="">

Intel no longer accepting Z-series Atom orders

<img src="" alt="intel" />Intel's apparently putting the kibosh on orders for its super low-voltage Z-series Atom processors. The Z-

New Atom N450 CPU due in October

<img src="" alt="atom" />Up and at them! Guess what's coming this Rocktober? New Atom CPU. The N450 will replace the N270, according to DigiTim

Intel details next-generation 'Pine Trail' Atom platform, intros updated 'Moblin' UI

<img src="">Intel just held a teleconference outlining some information on its next Atom platform, code-named "Pine Trail" and introduced

You down with OPDS? Yeah, you know us!

<img src="" />So eBooks are the Next Big Thing, and soon we'll all be reading eBooks exclusively. How, though, will we find new eB

Intel celebrates the Atom's 1st B-Day with two new chips

<img src="" alt="intel_atom">The <a href="">Intel Atom</a> had a great first year. There probably

Atom CPU to get bumped to 2GHz?

<img src="">Next month may bring a new and improved Atom chip from Intel in the 2GHz Z550. The CPU features l

Atoms are, after all, the universal building block

<img src="" />According to some, Intel is trying to focus its future business on their Atom processor, vying to get it included in a

Lenovo eyeing Ion, VIA netbook platforms

<img src="">We may see Lenovo netbooks packing NVIDIA and VIA chips pretty soon here. Digitimes is reporting that “Lenovo plans to launch

VIA pumping up the next-gen Nano CPU

<img src=""> The <a href="">Intel Atom CPU</a> is the golden processor of the <a href="http://www.
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