Crunch Report | New Star Wars “The Last Jedi” Trailer

Star Wars "The Last Jedi" trailer is released, more than 5,000 Wells Fargo ATMs now NFC enabled and North Korea hacked and stole U.S. and South Korea war plans. All this on Crunch Report.

Over 5,000 Wells Fargo ATMs now support card-free access via Apple Pay and other mobile wallets

Wells Fargo’s ATMs are getting an upgrade. The bank announced today that more than 40 percent – or over 5,000 of its ATMs – will now allow customers to perform transactions without h

Thieves now use “Shimmers” to grab Chip/PIN card data

Just when you thought it was safe to slip your card in a slot ATM skimmers have gotten just a bit smarter. New devices called Shimmers can now read your card number and, in certain instances, access y

ATM skimmer caught in the wild by a real security engineer

Whoda thunk it? Tourist/cybersecurity expert Benjamin Tedesco was hanging out in Vienna when he walked up to an ATM. Because he trusts no one he decided to give the reader a little tug and came away w

New ATM “Shimmer” Fits Invisibly Inside The Card Slot

The wily ATM hackers are at it again with a new form of card data gathering system, a “shimmer.” These super-thin card readers slide right into the card slot and are technically invisible

The Stratos All-In-One Credit Card Isn’t Perfect Enough

The Stratos is an early player in a new category of devices. It’s a sort of universal credit card that aims to consolidate all the plastic cards in your wallet. To use a certain credit card, the

A Journey To Intelligent Design

If you’re looking for zeitgeist Biblical metaphors for the tech sector, you can’t do much better than the Tower of Babel. Human civilization a hundred years after the Flood; monolingual and gather

Robocoin, The Bitcoin ATM, Adds A Way To Send Cash Overseas

Remittances – sending cash overseas – has always been bitcoin‘s killer app. Now the guys at Robocoin have made it more killer. Their new product, called Romit, is basically a way to

Skimmers Are Now Grabbing Your Credit Card Data At The Door

Just when you thought you were safe, the card skimmers are at it again. This time they’re placing their card readers inside the door locks that require you to dip your card before you can enter

You Get A Bitcoin ATM, And YOU Get A Bitcoin ATM…

As news that <a target="_blank" href="">400 Bitcoin ATMs</a> may soon be gracing the byways and highways of Dubai, it's interesting to

Financial Firms Looking To Linux, Windows 7 As XP Support Dries Up

In an unsurprising move, ATM operators and other financial organizations are beginning to look to Linux as a replacement for their outdated Windows XP installations. That these organizations are decid

Up Close With A 3D-Printed Card Skimmer

I've recently fallen into the habit of pulling and tugging at ATM slots before I slide my card through because I fear that someone nefarious has stuck one of these 3D-printed card skimmers over the op

What ATM Skimmers Look Like

KrebsOnSecurity has a fascinating look at ATM skimmers. After approaching a Russian skimmer “salesperson,” Brian Krebs asked about the latest and greatest in skimmer technology. His recomm

Report: ATM Skimmer Attacks On The Rise

<img src="" />There’s nothing particularly “new” about the use of ATM skimmers, but a recent report from the European ATM Security

Lego robot authenticators to seize control of ATMs worldwide

Some researcher types thought it would be a good idea to beef up ATM security, and they apparently also thought that big rainbow-colored buttons and a secret trackball signal were the most usable solu

The ATM Turns 40 Today

Today, we must pay homage to a device we take for granted on a daily basis. The Automatic Teller Machine turns 40 years old today and did you know that it started out across the pond before making its

Using Google to Take Over ATMs Is Easier Than It Sounds

We’d never advocate going out and stealing money from ATMs (edit: But I don’t have a problem with it. – Blake), but we would warn ATM manufacturers that, armed with Google and a litt