Atlassian urges customers to take ‘immediate action’ to protect against data-loss security bug

Australian software giant Atlassian has warned of a critical security flaw that could lead to “significant data loss” for customers, just weeks after state-backed hackers targeted its products

Was Loom’s $975M exit a fair price?

When Atlassian announced it was buying Loom for $975 million last week, it turns out after close analysis that it was a good deal for all concerned.

Atlassian to acquire former unicorn Loom for $975M

Atlassian announced this morning that it is acquiring video messaging service Loom for $975 million, the same company that had a $1.53 billion valuation in May 2021 when it announced a $130 million Se

State-backed hackers are exploiting new ‘critical’ Atlassian zero-day bug

Microsoft says Chinese state-backed hackers are exploiting a “critical”-rated zero-day vulnerability in Atlassian software to break into customer systems. The technology giant’s threat i

Atlassian CTO: We were late moving to the cloud, on the ball with AI

The goal of Atlassian's CTO, Rajeev Rajan, and that of the two CEOs is to create one of the top tech companies at the world.

Atlassian brings an AI assistant to Jira and Confluence

Atlassian today announced the launch of Atlassian Intelligence, the company’s AI-driven “virtual teammate” that leverages the company’s own models in conjunction with OpenAI&#8

Atlassian cuts 5% of its workforce

Atlassian, the company behind tools like Jira, Confluence and Trello, today announced that, after a reorg a month ago, it is now laying off about 500 employees. That’s about 5% of its total work

Atlassian and Envoy briefly blame each other for data breach

Australian software giant Atlassian and Envoy, a startup that provides workplace management services, were at loggerheads on Thursday over a data breach that exposed the data of thousands of Atlassia

Atlassian’s Jira Product Discovery is now open to all

Atlassian today announced that Jira Product Discovery, its tool for helping engineering and business teams prioritize and collaborate on new product ideas, is now in open beta, with general availabili

5 metrics Series A investors look for at dev-tools startups

The most important metric VCs want to see is non-linear organic growth of your product’s user base, including usage expansion within specific teams. wants to help agile engineering teams run better online meetings

During the pandemic as businesses moved online, co-founder and CEO Matan Talmi observed that engineering teams had a specific set of needs for online meetings than other teams. At about the

CircleCI partners with GitLab

CircleCI, the popular continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform, today announced a partnership with GitLab, the popular DevOps platform that also offers an integrated CI/CD service. That ma

London fails to retain Atlassian as it heads stateside in search of a ‘broader set’ of investors

Despite multiple overtures by the British government to woo tech companies and keep the largest ones from defecting to the U.S., the latest example of the failure of this policy comes with the news th

LaunchNotes looks to transform how software product teams communicate changes to customers

When LaunchNotes founders, Jake Brereton and Tyler Davis were working together at Atlassian, they noticed that it was often difficult to communicate changes from the development teams to product teams

Investors have flipped their weighting of growth versus profitability

Battery's new report, The Cloud Quarterly, provides insights on what type of public SaaS companies have seen their valuation take a hit or resist in recent months and what they have in common.

Baseten nabs $20M to make it easier to build machine learning-based applications

As the tech world inches a closer to the idea of artificial general intelligence, we’re seeing another interesting theme emerging in the ongoing democratization of AI: a wave of startups buildin

Atlassian launches Atlas to improve team alignment

At its Team ’22 conference today, Atlassian announced the launch of Atlas, a new service for cross-functional team updates it previously offered as a beta under the name “Team Central.&#82

Atlassian’s Compass is mission control for software development

Atlassian today unveiled Compass, a new tool to help software teams keep track of all of the microservices they built and consume inside their organization. Tiffany To, head of product for Agile and D

Atlassian gets a data lake and analytics service

Atlassian today announced the launch of its new data lake and Atlassian Analytics, a front end for its data lake that will allow its customers to easily query all of the data they have stored across t

Kubernetes development platform Okteto raises $15M Series A

Okteto, a startup that makes it easier for developers to quickly spin up Kubernetes-based development environments in order to speed up their development process, today announced that it has raised a
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