HTC Ameo/Athena T-Mo Pricing Available for UK

The Germans are paying roughly €500 for the Ameo/Athena and now the Brits will have to pay ₤120 depending on their airtime package, otherwise it will cost ₤430. It’s still running WinMo 5 thou

HTC Athena/Ameo/U1000 Or Whatever It's Called Hands On

Live and in your face. One more so keep clickin’.

Athena Gets Priced And Grows A Cup Size

T-Mo has confirmed shipment of the Athena or Ameo as it’s being dubbed to the UK and Germany. The Deutschland can get theirs for 500 Euro in March. No word on price or release date in the UK but

T-Mobile Getting HTC Athena

Look out T-Mo customers, a new bad boy is in (a very European) town! T-Mobile will be releasing the HTC Athena as the “Ameo” in Europe in a few weeks. Aside from having a crazy design to b