• Tweetie Creator Loren Brichter’s Next Act: Atebits 2.0 To “Make Fun And Useful Things” [Like Games]

    Tweetie Creator Loren Brichter’s Next Act: Atebits 2.0 To “Make Fun And Useful Things” [Like Games]

    Tweetie creator and UX prodigy Loren Brichter has just announced a new project, Atebits 2.0. Atebits was the name of his previous company that was bought by Twitter in 2010. He announced as well that his first project will be a game. Read More

  • Tweetie 2 Coming With The Mac App Store Tomorrow? Mum's The Word From Twitter

    This afternoon, a site called Razorianfly posted a very interesting tidbit of information along with a purported screenshot to back it up. According to the site, Tweetie 2.0 for Mac is launching tomorrow alongside the Mac App Store. If true, this is big news for Mac users who have long feared that the beloved app had been left for dead since Twitter acquired Tweetie and its developer… Read More



    When Twitter bought Atebits in April, a lot of us were excited about the possibilities. After all, Atebits (aka Loren Brichter) was the company behind Tweetie, the best iPhone Twitter client and arguably the best desktop Twitter client as well (though Mac-only). Developers, however, were not as enthusiastic. Many wondered what it meant for the state of the Twitter third-party ecosystem. So… Read More

  • Say Hello To Twitter For iPhone, Aka Tweetie 3.0

    Just as we suspected late last night, Twitter removed Tweetie 2 for the App Store yesterday to make room for the newly rebranded “Twitter for iPhone.” It’s there right now in the App Store, labeled as simply “Twitter” — but you can’t download it just yet, as it’s likely still in the process of being put up. Without being able to see the app just… Read More

  • Tweetie 2 Disappears From App Store, Likely To Return As "Twitter For iPhone"

    Tweetie 2 Disappears From App Store, Likely To Return As "Twitter For iPhone"

    Something is amiss in the App Store right now. The best Twitter client, Tweetie 2, is nowhere to be found. So where did it fly off to? Did Apple pull it for some violation? Unlikely. Instead, the app’s new owners, Twitter, probably took it down. Why? Because their own version, dubbed “Twitter for iPhone,” is likely about to be released. We see this happen all the time. Read More

  • Textie: A Handsome, Simple Messaging App From The Guys Behind Tweetie & Borange

    Textie: A Handsome, Simple Messaging App From The Guys Behind Tweetie & Borange

    Before Twitter bought Atebits, Loren Brichter was busy. Not only was he hard at work on a follow up to Tweetie for Mac and a version for the iPad, but he had a secret side project that no one knew about. Until now. Meet Textie. Textie is a dead-simple application with one purpose: free and beautiful texting for the iPhone and iPod touch. Given what a complete and utter rip-off traditional… Read More

  • Final Tweetie 2 Update Teases Twitter For iPhone Coming Soon

    Earlier this month when Twitter bought Atebits, aka Loren Brichter, the maker of the best iPhone Twitter client, Tweetie, they promised that Tweetie wouldn’t die. Instead it was to be turned into Twitter for iPhone. That update now appears to be coming soon. In the final update to Tweetie 2 (2.1.2) that just went live in the App Store, the “What’s New” notes tell of… Read More

  • Twitter Acquires Tweetie

    Twitter has just announced that it acquired Tweetie, the very popular and highly polished Twitter application for the iPhone . The application will now be called “Twitter for iPhone” and will drop from $2.99 to free, with developer Loren Brichter (who makes up the one-man startup Atebits) joining the Twitter mobile team. Twitter also plans to launch Twitter for the iPad… Read More

  • Tweetie Two For Mac Approaches (Picture)

    Last October, developer Loren Brichter set the App Store on fire with the sequel to his brilliant iPhone Twitter client, Tweetie. It looks like he’s about to do the same to the Mac. Brichter sent out a series of teasing tweets today indicating that Tweetie Two is coming soon for the Mac. One, from his atebits account, reads: Ready… ready?! News about Tweetie Tw… ROOOOOAAAAR!! Read More

  • Birdfeed Looks To Attract Tweets As The Go-To Twitter Geolocation App

    Back in June, we wrote about Birdfeed, an iPhone Twitter application that finally brought the speed and simplicity to rival what many consider to be the top client, Tweetie. It’s a great app that offers a different look and feel from Tweetie (and especially now Tweetie 2), which some users prefer. And it’s about to gain a key feature which could further differentiate it… Read More

  • So, Tweetie 2 Is Awesome. What's Next?

    As we noted on Friday, Tweetie 2, the new iPhone Twitter client by Atebits, launched in the App Store. We did a preview of it a few weeks ago, noting that it was the best Twitter client out there. Judging from the response on Twitter and elsewhere, most seem to agree. So what’s next? Atebits has a short post today outlining what we can expect from them coming up. First and foremost are… Read More

  • Tweetie 2 Lives! Get It While It's Hot

    A couple weeks ago we did a preview of Tweetie 2, the next version of the iPhone Twitter client. To say there was a lot of interest in obtaining the app is an understatement. And now you can. Earlier today, Apple approved the app, and it just went live in the App Store. You may not be able to find it through a search right now, but use this link to go directly to it. Read More

  • Exclusive Sneak Peek: Tweetie For The Mac

    The Mac is finally getting some seriously awesome, native clients. Say what you want about TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop – these are all based on Adobe’s AIR platform, which is notorious for eating up memory and CPU cycles, along with weird window placement quirks. Earlier this month Nambu got a huge upgrade, and has quickly become my Twitter client of choice. But that might… Read More