• Shitstorm Averted? AT&T Restores Access To 4chan (Which Is Now Under DDoS Attack)

    AT&T has made even more people than usual angry when it started blocking/filtering parts of 4chan late last night. The popular message board, famous for being able to brew online (and offline) shitstorms like no other web property could, saw portions of its publication – including /r9k/ and the infamous /b/ – blocked for AT&T customers across the United States. Quickly… Read More

  • AT&T's YellowPages Paid $3.85 Million In Cash For

    AT&T’s YellowPages subsidiary purchased the two-letter domain name (now redirects to last month from the company LiveDeal (formerly YP Corp.). A SEC filing has now revealed that YellowPages acquired the domain name for a cool $3,850,000 in cash payment. That’s a lot of money for an admittedly valuable domain name, especially during this economic downturn. Read More