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  • Asus Transformer Prime Users Still Reporting Major GPS Issue After Official Fix

    Asus Transformer Prime Users Still Reporting Major GPS Issue After Official Fix

    Right on cue, Asus started rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich to Transformer Prime tablets last week. The update not only brought Android 4.0 to the tablet, but also a fix for the lackluster GPS performance. But apparently the GPS is borked for some. Users are still experiencing poor performance and worse yet, some are even stating that the GPS no longer works in ICS when it did prior to the update. Read More

  • Best Buy Preps $249 Asus Transformer For Black Friday

    Best Buy Preps $249 Asus Transformer For Black Friday

    The ratio of awful tablets to good ones in this year’s Black Friday ads doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence, but there are some good deals to be found even at this early stage. Case in point: Best Buy’s leaked Black Friday circular has the first generation 16GB Asus Transformer for $250, a respectable $150 drop from its current price. Read More

  • The Asus Transformer Is Now Available For $349 At Walmart

    The Asus Transformer Is Now Available For $349 At Walmart

    Remember when the Asus Eee Pad Transformer was the hottest thing since Laserdisc? Remember when it was hailed as an iPad killer with its fancy IPS screen, low price and sweet name. Autobots, unite! Well, Walmart is currently selling it for $350, which puts it at the low-end of the Honeycomb tab price scale. Jokes aside, it’s actually a great deal for an Android tablet. Read More

  • Asus Transformer Receiving Android 3.2 Update Tomorrow

    Asus Transformer Receiving Android 3.2 Update Tomorrow

    The sporadic roll-out of Android 3.2 continues with the Asus Transfomer. The company just took to Twitter to announce that tomorrow, July 28th, they will release the 3.2 update for the Android tab. Read More

  • Hot News: Newegg Has The Asus Transformer In Stock

    Hear ye! Hear ye! The almighty Newegg, trusted merchant of all things fantastical and electronical, has located a shipment of the rare Asus Transformer and is now selling them within the walls of its virtual marketplace. For just a mere $499 you could be the keeper of one 32GB Transformer slate, complete with Tegra 2 power and a glorious IPS touchscreen. This is the one Honeycombe tab, now… Read More

  • Transformer Overclocked To An Unstable But Still Awesome 1.4GHz

    The Transformer runs the modest 1GHz Tegra 2 platform, but that clearly isn’t enough. More power, right, Clarkson? Some clever folks over at XDA recently outed a custom kernel that bumps the clockspeed to 1.4GHz. It’s just too bad that this particular kernel with its super-speed chip leaves the Transformer unstable and therefore a bit useless for most. However, for those out… Read More

  • As Production Ramps Up In June, The Asus Transformer Will Hit The Japanese Market

    The Asus Transformer might be the queen of the Honeycomb hive — if Asus had made enough of them. As it sits right now the tablet is still on the hard-to-find list, but production is reportedly set to increase by June. That might not be a good thing for eager fans here in the states as Asus is set to unleash the hot tablet on the awaiting Japanese marketplace sometime next month as well. Read More

  • Asus Comments On Transformer Shortage, Confirms Manufacturing Will Increase In June

    It’s nearly impossible┬áto get an Asus Transformer right now and it’s not because the tablet saw an iPad-ish firesale. No, the shortage was reportedly caused by low supply levels. Asus simply didn’t expect docking tablet to be in high demand. Read More