Asus Eee

ASUS announces a motherboard just for crypto-mining

Mining hardware is weird stuff. Either it’s commodity hardware used – inefficiently – for complex computation or specifically designed, expensive boards that can be used to bring in

Time Machine Radio: Enter the past

<img src="" />The Time Machine Radio lets you go back in time and listen to those old songs which will bring up <s

Asus Eee Keyboard: what your home theater system has been missing

<img src="" />OMG. This is without a doubt my favorite gadget I've seen or heard about all day. This beauty is a fully functiona

Enormous 10 cell 1300mAh battery for eee pc 901 spotted

Hey look at the ugly beast! It will give your eee PC 10-14 hours of uptime. This guy got it from ebay for 90$. [via jkkmobile]

Asus Eee lookalike: Priced $50 more, big hand added

Here’s an idea. Take a 2GB Asus Eee PC, change almost nothing, and add $50 to the price tag. That’s what Cybertron’s done with its “new” line of Mini-PC computers. For $3