Astro’s Luna Display will turn your iPad’s front camera into a clever button

Astro’s Luna Display hardware dongle is a dream for anyone who wants their iPad to act as a second screen for their Mac – wirelessly. Now, the company has revealed a clever update that turns t

Astro Digital launched its first imaging satellites

With the satellite launch earlier today Astro Digital has sent its first shot across the bow at its competitors in the earth imaging and analysis market. The new satellites will join their celestial c

Astro lets you manage your inbox from Slack, check email hands-free with Alexa

Astro is today rolling out a new bot that merges Slack and email. The bot will allow you to receive your most critical emails within Slack, write and respond to emails using Slack usernames, as well a

Astro raises an $8 million Series A for its AI-powered email solution for teams

On the surface, Astro, launching its public beta today, is a nifty but not completely necessary email client that combines machine intelligence and a bot interface to improve workflows and increase th

Astro Digital Releases Platform For Anyone To Analyze Satellite Imagery

Astro Digital, a satellite imaging and imagery analysis company, released the newest version of their image processing software today. Anyone can access their software, for free, and retrieve satelli

Japan Launches Observatory To Study Black Holes And Dying Stars

This week the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) successfully launched a new space observatory designed to study black holes, dying stars and the history of galaxy clusters. The X-ray Astronom

Asian TV Conglomerate Astro Signs On To Trapit’s Personalization Platform, Invests $1.9M

<a target="_blank" href="">Trapit</a> is announcing its platform ambitions today, saying it wants to power a broad range of content recommendation apps. And it's revealing the first

Bag Week Reviews: Astro Scout Gaming Backpack

Short Version: This is a gaming backpack. Do you need a gaming backpack? Well, do you often move your Xbox or Playstation? If so, you need this gaming backpack. Trust me.

Astro Gaming named official headset of MLG

<img src="" alt="" title="A40-headset" width="275" height="206" class="alignright size-full wp-image-152908" />ASTRO

Track your hunting dog with the Garmin GPS Dog Collar

If you are an avid hunter that uses hunting dogs the DC 300 GPS dog tracking Collar from Garmin might be the new toy your looking for. You simply attach the collar to your dog and it communicates with