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  • New findings from Pluto mission reveal a dynamic world

    New findings from Pluto mission reveal a dynamic world

    The New Horizons science team has published new findings from their mission to Pluto in a series of 5 articles in the journal Science. The data from the papers reveal that Pluto is much more geologically diverse and dynamic than anyone could have imagined. “These five detailed papers completely transform our view of Pluto – revealing the former ‘astronomer’s… Read More

  • "Astro Boy" Casio Exilim (Limited Edition)

    Casio in Japan today announced [JP] a new limited edition Casio Exilim camera, which was designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Astro Boy. The device is technically based on the EXILIM EX-S200 from last year (but it looks much cuter, of course). Read More

  • Video: Hands-on with the $900 Astro Boy netbook

    I’ve already proclaimed my love and affection for the Astro Boy netbook. I love the overall style, lid graphic, and all the sweet Astro Boy-themed accessories. The video above makes me want it ever more. Too bad it’s not leaving the Taiwanese market and it costs $900. [via netbooknews] Read More

  • Buy your kid this Astro Boy netbook but keep it for yourself

    I hear (via John’s review) that Astro Boy is a fine movie. I doubt I will actually see it until my boy catches wind of it in a few years. but I tell you what, this Astro Boy netbook is geek chic and I sort-of want it. The specs are standard fare with an Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, and XP home, but it’s the special edition lid that I can appreciate. It’s… Read More

  • Review: Astro Boy

    Note the “Western Eyes”
    Short Version
    Trust me. Paranormal Activity sucks. Go see Astro Boy if you have to see something this week or weekend. A Real Boy
    The original Astro Boy aka Tensuwan Atomu was created in 1952 by Osamu Tezuka as a reaction to post-war technological advances and the swift industrialization of the island nation (see also Godzilla). This is not really that… Read More

  • Casio Japan releases Astro Boy watch

    Casio Japan [JP] announced a limited edition Astro Boy G Shock in honor of legendary anime artist Osamu Tezuka who passed away in 1989. He would have turned 80 on November 3rd (the watch will be released at the end of that month). The Japan-only G Shock is limited to 1,000 units and costs $150. Read More