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New findings from Pluto mission reveal a dynamic world

The New Horizons science team has published new findings from their mission to Pluto in a series of 5 articles in the journal Science. The data from the papers reveal that Pluto is much more geologica

"Astro Boy" Casio Exilim (Limited Edition)

<img src="" /> Casio in Japan today <a href="">announced</a> [JP] a new

Video: Hands-on with the $900 Astro Boy netbook

[youtube] I’ve already proclaimed my love and affection for the Astro Boy netbook. I love the overall style, lid graphic,

Buy your kid this Astro Boy netbook but keep it for yourself

<img src="">I hear (via <a href="">John's review</a>) that Astro Boy is

Review: Astro Boy

Note the “Western Eyes” Short Version Trust me. Paranormal Activity sucks. Go see Astro Boy if you have to see something this week or weekend. A Real Boy The original Astro Boy aka Tensuwa

Casio Japan releases Astro Boy watch

Casio Japan [JP] announced a limited edition Astro Boy G Shock in honor of legendary anime artist Osamu Tezuka who passed away in 1989. He would have turned 80 on November 3rd (the watch will be relea