Astra founders propose purchasing outstanding stock to take space company private

Astra founders Chris Kemp and Adam London have proposed taking the company private, with the two saying they would acquire all the outstanding stock themselves, according to a filing with the U.S. Sec

Astra secures new debt agreement with assets as collateral

Astra has been thrown a critical lifeline in the form of new debt financing, which provides the company with a little more time to find funding to stave off catastrophe. The company said on Monday tha

Astra’s Apollo Fusion acquisition followed by delays and desertion

Two years ago, Astra hailed its acquisition of satellite propulsion startup Apollo Fusion as a strategic move that would round out its launch business and bring expert engineers into the fold. But und

Astra lays off 25% of workforce, reallocates engineers, in an effort to fight dwindling cash reserves

Astra has laid off 25% of its workforce since the beginning of the quarter and is reallocating at least 50 engineers and manufacturing staff away from its launch business to focus on spacecraft produc

Astra establishes subsidiary for spacecraft engine business

Astra is carving out its spacecraft engine business as a wholly owned subsidiary, a corporate restructuring that will provide greater flexibility in hiring and financing, according to documents viewed

Ursa Major to provide engines for the upper stage of Astra’s new rocket

Astra’s new Rocket 4 launch vehicle will use Ursa Major’s Hadley liquid engine to power its upper stage, the two companies announced Monday. Astra has been tight-lipped about the new upper-stage e

Astra star hire Benjamin Lyon resigns, management team restructured

Space company Astra’s management team is undergoing another shake-up. The company said Friday that chief engineer Benjamin Lyon has resigned after just short of two years in the role. Rather than se

NASA selects Rocket Lab to launch TROPICS satellites

NASA has found a new launch provider for its extreme weather observation satellites. The agency announced Wednesday that it has selected Rocket Lab to launch its Time-Resolved Observations of Precipit

Astra lays off 16% after nearly tripling workforce in the last year

Astra, a rocket startup that went public last year, told investors Tuesday it laid off 16% of its workforce as part of a wider strategy to increase shrinking financial runway and decrease expenses. Th

Astra brings on new CFO as it looks to scale launch and propulsion businesses

Astra is bringing on Silicon Valley veteran Axel Martinez as its new chief financial officer, a C-suite change that in many ways demarcates a new chapter for the space company. Martinez’s career inc

Astra will no longer launch NASA’s TROPICS satellites

Rocket launch company Astra will no longer send the remaining NASA TROPICS payloads to space, but instead will launch other “comparable” scientific missions for the agency, the company announced W

Astra changes strategy and ditches current rocket in the wake of launch debacles

Astra CEO Chris Kemp told investors Thursday that the company will be no longer launch payloads with its current lightweight vehicle, Rocket 3, and will instead re-manifest all launches on a considera

Astra’s latest launch for NASA also ends in failure

Rocket launch company Astra isn’t starting out with the best track record, after its latest mission for NASA ended in failure — just a few months after its last rocket carrying payloads for the ag

Max Q: Near and far

Astra’s playing the long game

In a time when every rocket launch is livestreamed on YouTube, millions of people get a front row seat to a space company’s successes and failures. Astra, a rocket startup-turned-public company, has

Max Q: All eyes on Astra

Hi folks, welcome back to Max Q. This week we have news on rockets both small (Astra’s Rocket 3.3) and very, very large (NASA’s Space Launch System). Plus further fallout from Russia&#8217

Astra reaches orbit in first mission for new customer Spaceflight Inc.

Space startup-turned-public-company Astra reached orbit for a second time, in its debut mission for new customer Spaceflight Inc. It’s a big win for the launch company. Astra reached orbit for the f

Max Q: Russian invasion reverberates through space industry

This week, Max Q again puts the focus on the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the resulting halo effects that’s having on the international space industry. Neither private companies, l

Astra’s first rocket launch from Florida goes awry

Astra launched its first rocket from Florida’s “Space Coast” today, with a liftoff from Space Launch Complex 46 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. It was the startup’s seco

ACME Capital, run by Scott Stanford and Hany Nada, has $300 million more to invest in early startups

ACME Capital, an early-stage venture firm that’s run by industry insiders Scott Stanford and Hany Nada, has just closed two funds totalling $300 million in capital commitments, including a $240
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