• Asterpix Video Hotspots Now Generated Automatically

    Asterpix is a company working on technology that adds so-called hotspots to video. These hotspots, which look like dash-bordered boxes, hover over particular objects in a video and can be triggered to show popup information when you place your cursor over them. The popup information has relevance to the object under consideration and consist of things like a description, related links… Read More

  • Study: Pre-Rolls Suck. (But What's Better?)

    From the Department of Duh: A recent study by IBM, titled “The End of Advertising as We Know It,” found that 40 percent of the 2,400 consumers and 80 advertising executives it surveyed found ads during an online video segment more annoying than any other format. Particularly egregious are pre-roll ads, those 10-to-30 second video spots shown before the actual video, as any Web… Read More