NASA’s asteroid-harvesting mission solicits proposals for its robotic spacecraft

Asteroid mining is coming soon to a planet near you: this planet, and in 2021, to be specific. But NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission has lots of work to do before that point. Today the space-faring org

Will the asteroid known as 1999 RQ36 destroy all life on the planet, thereby preventing you from dinging 80?

<img src="" />Not to alarm you, but we only have 172 years to live, so better <a HREF="

An asteroid almost smashed into Earth, and we only knew about it 15 hours before it happened

<img src="" />Did you hear the news? An asteroid passed within 8,700 miles of the planet on Friday. The craziest thing is that scientis

Asteroids crashing into XBLA this Wednesday

If you’re old enough to remember Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe and your hands haven’t been crippled with tendinitis then get ready because they’re both coming to XBLA on November 28