• Consider Pitching A “Virtual Startup” To Your Boss Crunch Network

    Consider Pitching A “Virtual Startup” To Your Boss

    Over the years I’ve been part of several of startups, and I love the energy, excitement and sense of risk that comes with launching into uncharted waters. My last startup was acquired in 2007, and I’ve been working at the acquirer ever since. A bit over two years ago, I got the itch to do something entrepreneurial again. When I talked with my boss about quitting to build a new… Read More

  • Video: Omni-Directional Spider Robot Asterisk

    Video: Omni-Directional Spider Robot Asterisk

    It’s not the first spider-like robot out there, but it’s almost certainly the most advance one: a team of researchers at Osaka University in Japan has developed Asterisk [JP], a six-legged insect robot that can perform a few pretty interesting moves. Perhaps the most interesting feature is that Asterisk can pick up objects with two legs, lift them on top of its body and carry… Read More