F3, a Stories-style Q&A app for Gen Z teens, raises $3.9M

F3, an anonymous Q&A app targeting Gen Z teens which blends a Tinder-style swipe-to-friend gamification mechanic, Stories-esque rich media responses and eye-wateringly expensive subscriptions to u

IAC-Owned Acquires Recipe Network Foodily

IAC-owned social network has acquired the entire team behind recipe network Foodily, the companies are announcing today, which includes those focused on product, engineering and design. These n

Few Winners In Anonymous Social Networking, And Secret’s Not One Of Them

Is anonymous social networking a flash-in-pan trend? A winner-take-all category? Which of the anonymous social networking apps around today are still thriving, and which are practically dead? These

IAC Agrees To Work With Regulators On Cyberbullying Protections Following Deal

IAC-owned search company has acquired the beleaguered anonymous Q&A social network, The news was first reported by The New York Times this morning, and IAC and have also con

After Media Storm Over User Safety, Q&A Site Surpasses 100 Million Signups, 60% “Active”

<a target="_blank" href=""></a>, the personal Q&A site that's been steeped in controversy over safety concerns for its predominantly teen user base, shows little sign of growth

This Week On The TC Europe Podcast: The Debacle, Jolla And Bitcoin Sales Tax In Germany

Europe, here we come! We’ve got another podcast for you, and this one is for our lovely European readers. This is the TechCrunch Europe Podcast, wherein we European writers discuss tech news, as wel Makes Changes To Safety Policy Aimed At Combating Bullying In Wake Of Teen Suicide, a social network startup built around a Q&A format which has a predominantly teenage user-base, has announced changes to its safety policy after completing an internal audit. This follows

In Wake Of Teen Suicides, Faces A “Myspace” Problem

The teenage brain is not fully developed, say <a target="_blank" href="">scientists</a>. This is relevant

Personal Q&A Site Is Growing At A Clip Amid Media Backlash Over Safety Of Its Young Users

<a target="_blank" href=""></a>, the Latvian startup that's been left carrying the personal Q&A torch after its inspiration, Formspring, <a href=" Claims It’s Overtaken Q&A Giant Formspring – What’s Going On Here?

After Formspring's <a title="Formspring Relaunches As An Interest-Based Social Network" href="">recent pivot</ adds video answers to its European Formspring

<img src="" alt="" title="ask_fm-logo-512x185" width="300" height="108" class="shot" /><a href=""></a Adds Video Answers To Its European Formspring

<img class="shot" title="ask_fm-logo-512x185" src="" alt="" width="240" height="86" /><a href=""></a>